Sensor Hub

We're all amateur meteorologists, at least right at Science Park.

When you arrive here, you can actually tell the level of PM2.5, lightning activity nearby, or even water quality parameters. Check out live data here.

Sensor Hub is a place to monitor ambient and environmental conditions around us by a series of sensors and IoT technologies, offering real-time measurement results, with data available for further analysis.

Special thanks to our strategic partner Arrow Asia Pac and the below partners:

  • AMS: Lightning Sensor
  • Honeywell: Air sensors that detect and count PM2.5 and PM10
  • Libelium: Water sensors for water temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH
  • TE: 3-in-1 Digital Sensor for Pressure, Humidity and Temperature
  • Vishay: UVA and UVB Light Sensor
arrow ams honeywell libelium TE Vishay

Objectives of Sensor Hub

  • To provide a support platform and testbed for pilots and trials of new sensor devices/systems at HKSTP
  • To transform new sensing concept into real-life applications
  • To promote the adoption of new sensor technologies for smart city
  • To accelerate the development of new integrated sensor systems and commercialization

Key Functions of Sensor Hub

  • Testing of smart sensors in a heterogeneous living environment
  • Acquisition of users’ data and feedback on the smart sensors
  • Evaluation of the key building blocks of the smart sensor system for further putting the sensor to the new market and new applications

Interested in putting your sensors here? Contact us here.