Artificial intelligence and robotics (AIR) open new possibilities to disrupt traditional industries. HKSTP has built an AIR ecosystem of local and overseas companies at Science Park.

HKSTP applies a three-pronged strategy to expand the vibrant AIR system by connecting materials and precision engineering partner companies and incubatees, government departments, R&D centres, universities and industry partners, bringing together the supply side and the demand side and leverage AIR expertise to create opportunities for different technological fields.

Companies within our ecosystem have already created animatronics and ground-breaking technology for healthcare and industrial applications, underscoring the city’s potential to become a hub for AIR development.


Robotics Platform Key Facilities


Robotics Catalysing Centre

Flexible working space to support robotics solutions providers throughout their development cycle.


Robotics Garage

Robotics Garage

A co-working space and DIY workshop open to all robotics enthusiasts in the community to turn their ideas into reality.

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