Material and Precision Engineering companies at Science Park are dedicated to the invention of new materials and the improvement of existing materials, creating the building blocks of a great product. 

Precision Engineering defines the architecture of a device, and includes electrical, electronic, mechanical and optical engineering. It also plays an integral role in the manufacturing of applications and products in aerospace, automotive, engineering, electronics, materials handling, medical equipment, oil and gas, power generation, renewable energy and transportation industries.

HKSTP offers state-of-the-art labs and technical centres, as well as one-stop services to companies to drive R&D and product development.


Key Facilities


Robotics Catalysing Centre

A flexible working space to support robotics solution providers throughout their development cycle

AI Plug

AI PLUG aims to build a strong and well-connected community of A.I companies, service providers, industries and talent, supported by funding and technical services, to empower more technological breakthroughs

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