With robust ICT infrastructure, a deep pool of skilled IT professionals and savvy mobile technology users, Hong Kong provides the ideal setting for ICT development.

Embracing opportunities in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, smart city solutions, fintech, 5G and IoT, HKSTP provides a unique environment with shared labs, comprehensive technical assistance and opportunities for collaboration to enable partner companies to create pioneering ICT technologies and drive Hong Kong’s smart city development.


Key Facilities

Data Studio

A collaborative platform for co-creating data applications between the business sector and the developer community


Smart Region Living Lab

A living lab that supports and pilots the application of innovative solutions, and drives adoption of new technologies in "Smart Mobility", "Smart Living", "Smart Environment" and "Smart People"


Smart City Innovation Centre

The first 5G innovation lab in Hong Kong purpose-designed with targeted resources to facilitate 5G development


Sigfox IoT Network

Free access to the Sigfox network and trial equipment to facilitate Sigfox-based IoT device prototyping, testing, proof of concept and demonstration

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