Cross-disciplinary innovative solutions support healthy ageing

As Hong Kong is facing a rapidly ageing population, the associated issues, support and service needs require immediate attention. The Healthy Ageing platform serves as a critical platform for technology companies to understand the care industry’s specific needs for elderly care delivery in order to devise relevant innovative products and service solutions that will improve care services and the quality of life for the elderly

The innovative solutions for heathy ageing involve cross-disciplinary technologies such as biomedicine, diagnostics, vaccines, IoT, robotics, big data analysis and cloud computing. There are solutions such as home-care robots or networked in-home sensors linked to a caregiver’s smartphone to enable constant monitoring of a patient’s medical conditions. The solutions are useful tools to supplement the limited manpower for service provision.

Under the Healthy Ageing platform, HKSTP rallies partner companies to explore and catalyse new business opportunities on healthy ageing, based on the four main service themes that the elderly, elderly centres and care providers may benefit from – i.e. nutrition, treatment and rehabilitation, preventive medicine and early diagnostics.



Key Facilities

Healthy Ageing Platform - Biomedical Technology Support Centre

Biomedical Technology Support Centre

A state-of-the-art shared facility equipped with advanced devices for life science R&D.


Healthy Ageing Platform - Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub

Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub

Fully equipped with shared workstations and prototype testing room to accelerate biomedical devices product development.

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