Electronics touches every aspect of life – it is integral to many devices that we can’t imagine living without. The ever-growing demand for innovative electronic products delivers high potential for innovation and the growth of the electronics field. The Electronics Cluster of Hong Kong Science Park is dedicated to driving the development of the local innovation and technology ecosystem by encouraging Innovation in engineering and technology.  

To enhance Hong Kong’s advantages in Electronics, Science Park offers technical support in testing, analysis and consultation, through the Technology Support Centre and various programmes and events, to facilitate the R&D of electronics innovation, including semiconductor integrated circuits, sensors and MEMS, power electronics, and various components, modules, devices and systems for telecom, IoT and consumer applications.


Key Facilities and Services


Electronics Cluster - Reliability Lab

Reliability Lab

Equipped for experimental product life simulation, environmental room simulation for semiconductor devices and electronic products

Electronics Cluster - IC Failure Analysis

IC Failure Analysis

Fitted with advanced test equipment to support product analysis for semiconductor devices and electronic products, including a high resolution microscope to strengthen characterisation and analysis capability

Electronics Cluster - 3D System-in-Package (SiP) Laboratory

3D System-in-Package (SiP) Laboratory

A joint facility with ASTRI to provide advanced IC packaging R&D and small volume pilot production to the industry

Electronics Cluster - IC Test Development & Pilot Production

IC Test Development & Pilot Production

Comprehensive services for IC test development and pilot production, plus equipment for full wafer probing and MPW wafer manual probing

cadence mentor

EDA Tools Sub-license Service

A wide range of EDA tools with EDA licenses accessible remotely via optic fibre connections

Teaching and Training

Teaching and Training

TSC labs are available for practical training and teaching for university students in coorperation with local tertiary institutes

Battery Testing Service

Provide testing services for portable batteries

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