The biomedical technology / biotechnology cluster aims to translate high-value biomedical research from the laboratories to commercialisation.

As a key driver for biomedical technology development in Hong Kong, HKSTP spearheads a range of support measures to foster innovative biomedical technology and support companies in pioneering diagnostic tests, devices or treatment solutions that benefit global patients.

At Science Park, we offer a range of support services, including our four-year Incu-Bio programme, biology and device laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and fund raising/business development services, to enable accelerated growth for those companies working in specialty areas such as medical devices, molecular diagnosis, stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, Chinese herbal medicine and advanced therapeutics.

Key Facilities



Biomedical Technology Support Centre

A state-of-the-art shared facility equipped with advanced devices for life science R&D.


Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub

Fully equipped with shared workstations and a prototype testing room to accelerate biomedical devices product development.

Chemical Co-working Centre

Chemical Co-working Centre

Provides wet laboratories for the R&D activities of local and overseas organisations.

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