There are more ways than one to succeed but trailblazing takes outstanding perceptiveness and immeasurable courage.

Science Park startup XDynamics thinks that even though there are hundreds of thousands of drones in the market, the best has yet to emerge. The pioneering company feels that drone operation can be more personalised, the construction sturdier, the performance more formidable, the functionalities more diversified and the look more stylish. XDynamics not only believes such an exceptional drone is possible, it is making it happen.

XDynamics’s co-founder and CEO Benny Chan is confident that Hong Kong companies are fully capable of making world-class drones. He says the company’s design concepts are all about elevating the user experience and making the products safer and more reliable. XDynamics came up with revolutionary ideas in the research and development process, taking into consideration how to apply existing technology and concepts to efficiently achieve its objectives.

Patented dual-screen drone control evokes flight panel

The most differentiating feature of the company’s product is the patented foldable dual-screen drone control, branded the Smart Pilot System. Now a signature of XDynamics drones, the top and bottom screens provide an interface that drivers and pilots are familiar with. Users can keep their eyes on the screens to see what the drone can see while controlling it, much like steering while looking at the road ahead. The lower touchscreen located between two controllers serves as a console, much like a car’s dashboard, displaying a navigation map and existing location. It also lets users adjust flight and photography settings at a glance.

High quality navigation and images for consumers and professionals

The XDynamics drones are works of precision engineering and technology. Its first product, Evolve, is positioned as a high-end consumer product. The chassis is a single piece of hardy carbon fibre, usually reserved for professional models. It is fitted with a range of sensors for GPS as well as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), offering superior precision for navigation.

For photography, still a primary function of drones, Evolve offers 4K ultra high-definition video resolution and a 3 Axis Gimbal Stabiliser to ensure super high quality images. Thanks to the HD transmission module, Evolve achieves live-view transmission latency at less than 10 ms for transmitting 1080p @ 60fps images in real time to the drone controller, thus enabling much sharper control by users. To facilitate image sharing, XDynamics has developed an integrated image platform that allow users to edit images and share on social networks in just a few steps. Benny points out that XDynamics designs as much for consumers as it does for discerning professional users.

Science Park base is a boon for business development

XDynamics moved its headquarters to Science Park in 2017. Benny thinks that Science Park as Hong Kong’s major research base helps the company develop bona fide R&D credentials conducive to winning business partners. XDynamics also has offices in Shenzhen and Dongguan, and the headquarters in Science Park is geographically convenient for linking up with the branches.

XDynamics has exhibited Evolve and other products at major international exhibitions, such as CES in the US, and received encouraging feedback. Benny believes that while Evolve will help XDynamics break into the consumer market, the professional market will offer greater development potential. It is already displaying a prototype of a large four-axis-eight-blade D-02 model that can carry professional single-lens reflex cameras weighing 4kg.

Benny thinks that the drones of the future will be enabled for machine learning and computer vision, applicable for surveying, exploration, logistics and other industrial functions to enhance productivity and efficiency. He says the company has already partnered with HKSTP to demonstrate using a drone for food delivery and that he looks forward to more collaboration between HSKTP and XDynamics to promote drone technology and applications.

Benny Chan(right) works with various strong partners including Amimon, whose technology can wirelessly transmit HD video with zero delay, to create drones with extraordinary performance. Benny’s left is Amimon’s CEO Ram Ofir.

XDynamics has demonstrated food delivery service by Drone in Science Park.

The prototype of XDynamics’s professional drone D-02 can equip with a single-lens reflex camera.

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