Sustainable Energy

Concrete jungles are what we call most modern cities today and we have gotten used to living and working in them. Increasingly, we want them to be sustainable and eco-friendly but not at the expense of comfort and efficiency. This contemporary urban challenge has created vast opportunities for innovation and technology.

Science Park company Sustainable Energy Limited (SustainE) has embraced this challenge by designing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Set up by Ir Dennis Tung in 2009, the company specialises in water-to-water heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps and air-conditioning units. These installations can heat indoor and outdoor swimming pools, dehumidify indoor swimming pool areas and moderate the temperatures of public spaces. They can also be used for structures such as stadiums, commercial buildings, private residential buildings, hotels, schools, theatres and factories.

Coming up with solutions around pools

After an extensive career in air-conditioning, Dennis, the company’s director, turned to entrepreneurship when he saw a market opportunity based on the rapid growth of urban swimming pools. Pools are now a ubiquitous feature of new building developments and are often added to existing developments during refurbishment to add value and enhance their image. SustainE has become a supplier for a range of developments and its devices are in great demand.

Joining Science Park to innovate its business

The company moved to Science Park in 2018. Dennis hopes to find compatible commercial partners to create new development potential and grow the business through collaboration in research and development.  

Dennis believes that SustainE’s products and services are technologically innovative on at least two counts. First, the company can provide one-stop solutions based on a building’s environment, design, planning, service level and power consumption. Second, its heat pumps can be flexibly assembled to suit different building sites. When the space for a device is limited or an odd shape, SustainE parts can be assembled in such a way to make use of every inch of the space to provide the required functions.

Tailored designs for maximising power efficiency

SustainE’s products include innovative energy-efficient design elements. Some of its products are made with reverse-cycle technology, which means the heat from the operation of the air-conditioning system can be transmitted to heat pool water, helping to reduce power usage in the process. The company can also tailor-design seamless systems integrating heat pumps and air-conditioning to optimise energy use by circulating the energy generated from heating and cooling.

Dennis reveals that the company’s R&D team is constantly upgrading the products and technology. It is looking at introducing cloud management and data analytics, with which users can remotely monitor the operation of the installations, analyse energy efficiency and adjust settings to achieve optimal energy performance.

Evolving market delivers more business opportunities

SustainE’s business began in Hong Kong and has since expanded to ASEAN countries, Macau and mainland China, which is maturing from being price-oriented to demanding quality. Dennis says the pace of urbanisation in Asia is picking up, with more skyscrapers being built, presenting a goldmine of opportunities. Competition is based on a combination of price, technology and service. He anticipates challenges as the company endeavours to apply its products to a wider set of industries, such as data centres and cold storage for hazardous substances, but is not fazed by them.

Dennis is excited to have joined the HKSTP league. As well as connecting with potential business partners, he believes that being a part of the ecosystem can help the company access a large pool of investors and talent to speed up the company’s growth.

Ir Dennis Tung (right) hopes being based at Science Park will help SustainE reach the next level in R&D and market development. He is photographed with the company’s VP Dr Venus Lun.

Ir Dennis Tung (right) hopes being based at Science Park will help SustainE reach the next level in R&D and market development. He is photographed with the company’s VP Dr Venus Lun.

SustainE’s HS series indoor pool heating pump

SustainE’s HS series indoor pool heating pump

SustainE HE pumps can heat or cool water.

SustainE HE pumps can heat or cool water.

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