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Hong Kong is undergoing reindustrialization? Many are doubtful about it. Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry has declined for many years. Its domestic output has long been around 1% of the total Gross Domestic Product value. How can it manage to reverse the situation? However, as a matter of fact, Hong Kong is the base for design and proof of concept of many innovative technology products which are sold globally. If there is suitable policy and infrastructure, there may be a chance for Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry to thrive again?

HKSTP-incubated company Neosen Energy HK Limited (Neosen) specializes in designing electronic devices and equipment related to electrical energy. Its products have received multiple international awards. The company developed a “thin and printable low cost asset tracking and long range communication tag with an imprint battery” which was awarded Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury in this year’s International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.

Based in HKSTP for design and R&D
Neosen’s co-founder and Director of Marketing Kelvin Wong said his company was founded in 2015. His duty is to manage the manufacturing and supply chain of the area and cooperate with contract designers and manufacturers in the area to develop new projects. Currently Neosen’s R&D and design team consists of around 10 members.

Neosen specialises in developing wireless charging solutions with different power and usage for different manufacturers and suppliers in retail and business markets. The wireless charging solution with the smallest power (from 0.1W to 2W) can be used for Bluetooth wireless earphones and wearable devices. The 15W rapid charging solution can be used in the most common smartphones and tablets. There are also solutions with power from 20W to 120W for laptop computers, wireless electric drills, wireless vacuum cleaners, drones, underwater sports cameras, etc.

Leading wireless charging solutions
Wong said his company has been at the forefront of research and development. For example, the specifications of many of its wireless charging solutions with high power have exceeded international standards, for example the Qi specification set by Wireless Power Consortium. Regrettably the pace for setting these international standards is very slow. To solve this problem, Neosen would take reference to the protocol of those standard-setting organizations for research and development. Successful products would be delivered to corporates that do not mind the relative standard has yet to be set.

Neosen’s award-winning product “thin and printable low cost asset tracking and long range communication tag with an imprint battery” is the fruitful result of its expansion to a new area of development. The product can be applied to Internet of Things environment based on the LoRa technology. The low-power, low-cost product supports long-range communication. Neosen designed a circuit for the tracking device and output to Photonic Curing System for printing. With the addition of parts like signal detector, antenna and battery, it becomes a useable tracking device.

Promoting IoT application with multiple advantages
Wong said ordinary paper can be used for producing the tracking device. The cost of material is 90% cheaper than traditional plastic material. One-third of the production time can be reduced. The device can be widely used in tracking luggage at the airport, tracking individuals or valuables. It can be applied in elderly homes or care homes in Hong Kong for tracking patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. In Australia, New Zealand, the United States, etc, it can be used by animal husbandry to produce tags for livestock. It can be used to monitor the body temperature of those domesticated animals as well as tracking their whereabouts in the grazing area to avoid going missing.

HKSTP helps expanding business network
Neosen has joined HKSTP for nearly three years. Wong said HKSTP’s both software and hardware infrastructure have positive effect on his business. Neosen has joined Incu-Tech and LEAP. It is also the supporter of First@Science Park and Technologies from Science Park programmes. Wong said by participating in different programmes, he has come across with many potential partners and clients. For example, Neosen has built connection with the hotel industry in a programme organized by HKSTP earlier so that it can negotiate with multiple local hotels on their wireless charging solutions.

Wong said, overall speaking, with the support received from HKSTP, Hong Kong is an ideal place for proof of concept and product development. Like many other technology companies, it faces brain drain in engineering and technology. But they do hope by sharing their experiences with other companies in HKSTP and relative shareholders, they can put their effort together in improving Hong Kong’s environment for innovation technology and promoting the development of digital economy of Hong Kong.

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