Master Dynamic

The words “Innovation” and “Technology” go hand in hand, but innovation applies to application as much as technology. Combine technology and application and the synergy will generate much greater value and benefits.

Master Dynamic, based in Hong Kong Science Park, first applied precision engineering to develop precise and high-quality watch parts, and then pioneer a novel diamond marking tool for the diamond industry. Lately, the company is extending its applications to medical care and data communications, living up to its ethos of creating a better world.

Master Dynamic was set up in 2011. It has a team of about 120 engineers, software developers and researchers who put their heads together in material analysis, nano technology, precision engineering, watchmaking, retail automation and data analytics. It has more than 100 invention patent applications pending. It has its fingers in many technology pies, but its core strengths and its solutions are also giving its customer unique and sustained competitive advantages at a high technological threshold. In this way, it has successfully fashioned an end-to-end value chain.

Silicon hairspring makes Hong Kong watchmaking competitive

Silicon hairspring, a key part for watches, is the first major invention of Master Dynamic’s in 2013. It uses silicon and is manufactured with precision engineering and nano technology. Compared to metal hairsprings, silicon hairsprings are better at withstanding temperature changes, shock and magnetism. Watches made with silicon hairsprings are thus considered more durable and reliable.

At present, only a handful of watch manufacturers have the capability to develop and produce silicon hairsprings. Master Dynamic is the only manufacturer outside of Switzerland that has mastered this technology, and it holds patents of the technology. Local watchmakers can tap into the supply of such parts in bulk, thus reducing their reliance on overseas suppliers to gain greater autonomy in production and enhance their competitiveness globally.

Nano diamond marking changes entrenched industry practice
Master Dynamic later applied its precision engineering prowess to jewellery. It has developed an all-new diamond marking and application technology in partnership with Chow Tai Fook Jewellery, and is applying it to overhaul entrenched practice in the diamond business.

The technology involves using a patented technology to create a nano mark on diamond table. This can only be done with patented nano technology and precision equipment, which makes it difficult for counterfeiting the mark. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has certified that the technology does not change the integrity and 4C (diamond colour, cut, clarity and carat weight) of a diamond, unlike laser marking technology, and this will give consumers greater confidence when evaluating diamonds.

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery has used the technology to launch the T MARK diamond brand. Each T MARK diamond has a nano mark and a unique number. Used in conjunction with the high-resolution computerised optical microscope also developed by Master Dynamic, customers can track and manage the entire journey of a diamond – from procurement to finished product to purchasing and gifting it – and enjoy greater sourcing and quality assurances.

Using diamond powder for early cancer diagnoses
In the process of developing T MARK, Master Dynamic discovered that natural diamond is harmless to human body and possesses a florescent Nitrogen Vacancy centre. This inspired the company to work with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to develop the “nano diamond bio-labelling technology”. The technology bonds very fine diamond powder with specific antibodies. When injected into human bodies, the powder will in turn bond with cancer cells. The florescence of the powder will help doctors identify tumour location and extensiveness. The technology is enhancing the accuracy of early-stage diagnoses of gastro-intestinal cancer, and also contributes to improving tumour removal surgery. The company is undertaking more tests with CUHK and hopes to take the technology to clinical trial in the near future.

Nano precision engineering also contributes to the development of Quantum computing and telecommunications technology. Master Dynamic supported by Chow Tai Fook is collaborating with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Ulm University to develop quantum technology and application. Such initiative is expected to enhance encryption and data communications security. The results, however, are still a few years down the road.

Throughout Master Dynamic’s development in the past years, HKSTP has been making available Science Park facilities including labs and clean rooms and serve as the testbed for its research and development works. The two parties will continue to work together and promote precision engineering development and applications to create more benefits for the Hong Kong community and mankind.

Master Dynamic

Master Dynamic

Master Dynamic
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