Healthy Ageing

Amice Wong, Founder

BACHcode Co Limited

Amice has taken a convoluted journey from dieting to studying nutrition and from a secure career to entrepreneurship. Driven by a desire to improve public health and carve a path for the future, she talks about how greater awareness can help stave off chronic diseases.

Lydia Leung, CEO

Belun Technology Company Limited

Lydia’s deep interest in science subjects helped her excel in her studies, and set her on course to where she is now. After university, she embarked on healthcare devices R&D, and gained great satisfaction in moving forward in the innovation journey.

Paul Cheng, CEO

Bio-Cancer Treatment International Limited

Dr. Cheng, a specialist in three specialties, has persisted in spending nearly 20 years chasing his dream of using innovative technologies to develop a cure for cancers. His efforts have led to the first drug entirely developed in Hong Kong to be given clinical trial approvals by both U.S. and UK regulatory authorities and has so far shown preliminary efficacy in controlling cancer growth in clinical trials.

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