HKSTP and Open TV jointly present Inno Wonderland, the first travel show of its kind about innovation and technology. Tech expert Francis Fong will take us on an expedition to uncover surprises in all corners of Science Park. He and co-hosts Omi Kwong and Lisa Lee will take us on a search for unique, novel, fun and useful inventions.


Technology has delivered many solutions for our well-being. Artificial intelligence analytic software can quickly screen for risks of diabetic eye disease. AI can also quickly assess the onset of Alzheimer’s after MRI scans. The wearable device can be used to measure brainwaves for evaluating your attention and emotional state. Sensor-fitted contraptions can make it more fun for the elderly to exercise.

RaceFit’s smart wearables can detect human motion to derive solutions for improving physical and mental wellness. Data collected by the wearables are uploaded to cloud platforms for real-time analysis and ongoing tracking of training efficiency.

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