Drones offering revolutionary photographic experiences are highly sought after. HKSTP partner company XDynamics makes high-end drones for professionals, offering superior image quality, drone materials and flight control interface design. With advancing robotics technology, drone applications would no doubt be extended to surveying, mapping and logistics before long.

Marvoto, which is among the first to move into HKSTP’s purpose-designed biomedical R&D facility, Healthcare Devices Innovation Hub, has created a handy 3D ultra-sound camera that uses smart algorithm and artificial intelligence to let expecting moms take pictures or videos of the baby in the womb and monitor foetal health. The device can also be widely applied for health monitoring at home, making it much simpler to keep track of health issues and identify problems early on to seek timely treatments. This is certainly in line with Marvoto’s goal of contributing to building a healthier world.

Lalamove ranks among the world’s speediest logistics operators. Within 12 seconds of placing an order, a driver will confirm and pick up the item in five minutes. Its secret weapon is motorcycle delivery, with a team of bike-riding partners nearly doubled in a year to more than 3,000. The bike fleet is ideal for dispatching food, documents and personal items, making it the right service to fit into the lifestyle of busy Hong Kongers. It is a living proof of how innovation can make life better.

Fundpark provides an online financing platform to help translate orders and account receivables into funding. It is a boon to SMEs, especially start-ups that have the capacity to generate revenues yet unable to obtain bank loans. The access to the funding chain helps ensure start-ups can realise their goals of introducing solutions that can make the world a better place.

Increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence will for sure be a game-changer for learning. Playnote’s proprietary AURALBOOK app is designed for music learning, using AI to help students improve aural skills. It also provides real-time data analysis and relevant comments to help students improve their performance, making learning effective and fun at the same time.

Every simple thing we do can be translated into meaningful data. HKSTP has set up the Data Studio and online portal to provide a collaborative environment for accelerating data application development. In collaboration with the five leading technology partners, the Data Analytics Platform has been launched recently to provide augmented support and facilitate the development of smart city solutions.

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