In the commercial world, face to face dealing has been increasingly replaced by online communication. Artificial intelligence is playing a big part in automating customer service to deliver greater efficiency and service quality. HKSTP incubatee Fano Lab is finessing voice recognition technology and solutions to capture opportunities in this multi-million-dollar market.

Master Dynamic has invented a nano diamond marker with precision engineering, enabling revolutionary application by local jewellers to certify diamonds' authenticity. Better still, the company has extended the application to biomedicine and data communications in its mission to make the world a better place.

Sanomics’s “Blood-based genomics testing” technology is a much quicker, cheaper and more convenient means compared with the traditional way of testing. This new technology also helps to lessen the pain for cancer patients caused by the testing. Test results can be used by doctors to determine the right targeted therapy for cancer patients.

HKSTP CEO Albert Wong says that a vibrant innovation and technology community has come into form at Hong Kong Science Park, where innovative minds have the freedom to develop disruptive technologies for the benefits of mankind.

Tech talk: Loneliness deconstructed – with data and advanced technology

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