Launched in 2006, InnoCentre is home to the city’s aspiring and most talented design and/ or design -integrated with technology companies. In this six-storey structure at Kowloon Tong, companies can bring their ideas to life.   

InnoCentre is an integral part of HKSTP’s ecosystem through clustering and promoting good design and design planning with innovations and technologies.

Complete with spacious exhibition halls as well as training and conference rooms, it regularly plays host to a variety of design and technology-related events. The expansive Design Library is filled with up-to-date reference materials that inspire boundless creativity.

Lion Rock 72 located in InnoCentre offers a downtown co-working space for start-ups to realise their creative dreams. The space is created with the goal of accelerating research transfer from campus, through joint incubation programs between HKSTP and local universities.

Focused Design Sectors

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