Mr. Meng Jianmin
Chairman and Chief Architect,
Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design Research Co. Ltd.


Mr. Meng Jianmin is a Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.Graduated from the Southeast University with a Ph.D. degree, he is the Chairman and Chief Architect of Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design Research Co. Ltd., Distinguished Professor of Shenzhen University, Distinguished Professor of City University of Macau, Vice Chairman of the Architectural Society of China (ASC), Vice Chairman of Architects Sub-Institute of the Architectural Society of China, Chairman of Shenzhen Experts United Association, and Part-time Professor of Southeast University, South China University of Technology, and Shenzhen University, etc.

Mr. Meng was given the title of the Chinese Architectural Design Master, the Liang Sicheng Architecture Award, the China Design Contribution Gold Award of Guanghua Dragon Award, and the One Hundred Nanyue Outstanding Talents Award.

He presided over the design of the Memorial of Crossing-the-Yangtze-River Campaign, Memorial of Yushu Earthquake, the University of Hong Kong -Shenzhen Hospital, Shenzhen - Hong Kong West Passport Port Inspection Building, Kunming Yuntianhua Group HQ and more than 200 other projects, and has received more than 80 professional awards of all kinds. He was the Project Leader of the Chinese Key Research and Development Program, the "New Methods and New Tools of Goal and Effect Oriented Green Building Design" project. He also published "Primitive (Benyuan) Design", “Implementation of Innovation Healthcare Design" and many other works; and summed up the "Primitive (Benyuan) Design" theory. The concept of "All-Round Humanistic Care" and "Three-Way Methodology" he advocates have systematically provided the engineering practices an operable method and path.

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