Dr. Fan Jianping
Second grade researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Director, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology
Deputy Director, Shenzhen Talent Institute


Dr. Fan Jianping received his B.S. degree from NanKai University in 1984, and received his PhD degree in Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (“CAS”) in 1990. He worked at Institute of Computing Technology from 1990. He is currently a CAS second grade researcher, the Director of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, CAS, and the Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Talent Institute.

Dr. Fan’s research interests include high performance computing, grid computing, and computer architecture. He designed and developed a series supercomputer including Dawning I, Dawning 1000, Dawning 3000 and Dawning 4000. He has received many awards, including 1st class and 2nd class Awards of National Science and Technology Progress, the outstanding young scientist of CAS, and the national talent of New Century Talent Program, National "Ninth Five-Year Plan" Advanced Individual, National Patent Invention Excellence Award and Guangdong Province Patent Invention Gold Award, National "863" Program Advanced Individual, Shenzhen Mayor Award, Pengcheng Outstanding Talent, Member of Shenzhen Young Talents Committee, etc.

Dr. Fan has actively participated in various professional and public activities, including Member of the China Computer Federation, Member of the Academic Degrees Committee of University of CAS, Member of Shezhen CPPCC Standing Committee and adjunct professor of Beijing Jiaotong University. He also served as Special Technology Advisor of the Ordos People’s Government.

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