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"Tech for Good" gathers dedicated tech experts to talk about I&T at HKSTP @Wheelock Gallery. Tech journalist Wan Sze Zit interviews guest speakers about the excitement of entrepreneurship and the drive of making innovation dreams come to life for the better. Join our like-minded innovators on their startup journey. Discover how members of the I&T community can take technology to the next level through sheer determination while creating a better world through innovation. 
(Interviews are conducted in Cantonese.)

Building assurance for “Made in Hong Kong” innovation

Armed with research success, Altai Technologies has taken its Hong Kong-developed “Super WiFi" global. Its powerful solution is now mainly deployed at strategic airports and ports in more than 100 regions across the world.

Amplifying the 5G network

For 5G to operate successfully, it is vital to enable very high frequencies to get past external structures of buildings. ANTwave’s patented transparent meta-surface film technology can turn non-metal surfaces such as glass into antennae, and amplify 5G Millimeter wave communication signals to pass through building walls or the windows of public transportation vehicles.

Using AI to find cures for “orphan diseases”

Hong Kong-based Aptorum Therapeutics, currently in the pre-clinical phase of development, focuses on finding cures for rare diseases, also known as “orphan diseases”. Its founder Ian Huen says the company combines big data with artificial intelligence to analyse whether drugs already in the market can be used to treat rare diseases. It also works with local universities in the hope ...

Developing 5G networks to foster smart city development

ASTRI is a key driver in using 5G to empower smart city applications such as autonomous vehicles and other smart mobility solutions. As 5G technology gains traction, ASTRI CTO Dr. Lucas Hui Chi-kwong believes that 5G is the artery linking diverse applications, and a game changer as companies can build their own 5G network without relying on telecom service providers.

Re-tuning smart ring to fight pandemic

Innovative wearable device Belun Ring was designed to gauge a user’s blood oxygen level and heartbeat to assess the risk of sleep apnea. It has been quickly remodelled within three weeks as a real-time blood oxygen monitoring tool to help fight Covid-19.

Treating common diseases through the gut

Prof. Stephen Tsui, Associate Director (Research) in the CUHK School of Biomedical Sciences, is noted for his studies of the human genome. He led his team to crack the complete genome of the SARS-coronavirus during the SARS outbreak in 2003. In late 2018, he founded a company to investigate gut microbiota ...

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