Babies in the womb – say cheers!

Innovation doesn’t have to be earth-shattering to succeed. If a new product helps to fulfill a fundamental human desire and makes people happy, it can be just as impactful.

Look no further than Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, which joined the Healthcare Device Innovation Hub (HDIH) of Science Park in late 2017. It has created a camera that lets expectant parents keep visual track of their baby’s development in the womb. Called the Fetus Camera M1, it can take the ultimate selfie of an unborn child!

A mobile lifestyle device accessible to all 

Marvoto was incorporated in Ningbo, China, in 2015. Founder and CEO Steven Tu Youchong, a veteran distributor of electronic products, wanted to make a visual documentary of his child’s development from the early stages of pregnancy when his wife was expecting a few years ago. But neither pre-natal medical examinations or professional baby photography services met his needs. Steven saw a gap in the market and went after it. He enlisted the help of a former classmate researching ultra-sound technological and medical devices. Market research results supported his hunch and Marvoto was born.

Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Sales Director Adam Chan says the company’s vision is to produce a fetal camera that is accessible to the mass market. It began operations based on two principles – that the device would be for non-medical purposes (recognising that fetal examinations and medical checks should be covered by professional medical devices and specialists) and that it must be portable. Adam is confident the device will be desired by doting parents around the world.

Images remastered for social media sharing

The fetal camera is ready to hit the market. It can be connected to mobile devices via Wi-Fi and is simple to use. Just roll it on a mom-to-be’s tummy and the inbuilt ultra-sound scanner will capture crisp 3D fetus images and videos. They are transmitted through the associated mobile app, ready for viewing and sharing on social media.

The Hong Kong launch is set for Q4 2018, after the algorithm is further optimised to enhance image resolution and deliver clearer facial features to ensure they will win more “likes” on social media!

Shooting for the global market from Hong Kong

With the birth policy of mainland China still in a state of flux, Marvoto has chosen to focus initially on international markets, starting with the mature market of Hong Kong, followed by Southeast Asia and Europe. Marvoto has already gained the required certifications in these markets. The US will be next, pending successful completion of the more time-intensive FDA certification process. As well as targeting expectant parents, Marvoto will also reach out to maternal and child health care centres and community medical facilities in remote areas, to provide expecting mothers with an auxiliary device for monitoring fetal growth.

Science Park provides a solid R&D base

Adam believes there is much room for Marvoto to expand. After setting up at Science Park, the company is broadening its R&D activity to apply portable ultra-sound scanning technology to areas beyond its initial scope, for abdominal scans for professional examinations for example. He says that within a few months of becoming a Park company, Marvoto has received enormous business support, including market promotions at international exhibitions, recruitment of talent through local universities, connections with potential investors and access to social and professional network.

Adam says Marvoto looks forward to continuing its partnership with HKSTP and riding on Hong Kong’s strengths to expand in the global marketplace.  

Marvoto’s Fetus Camera M1 is portable and easy to use.

Marvoto’s Fetus Camera M1 is portable and easy to use.

Adam Chan plans to leverage Marvoto’s base at Science Park to expand in the global marketplace.

Adam Chan plans to leverage Marvoto’s base at Science Park to expand in the global marketplace.

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