24 Hours in Science Park

“24 Hours in Science Park” is an I&T documentary produced by HKSTP in partnership with Commercial Radio. From January 16, 2019, the series will be aired on social media every Wednesday for 12 weeks. The journey of innovation is filled with challenges. Follow the show to see how exhilarating it is to get through the painstaking process, and explore the cutting-edge technologies emerging from Science Park.

2019 will be an even more exciting year for innovation and technology. As a key enabler of our I&T ecosystem, we offer the strongest backing for frontline R&D professionals. We need your support too to give impetus to I&T development. Please tune in next Wednesday to watch “24 Hours in Science Park”.

The Technologies of that Can Handle Parcels and Help Rehabilitation

Here is the RobEx Centre – Hong Kong’s first fully autonomous unmanned Smart Warehouse at Science Park! It is a showcase of cutting-edge technologies, including autonomous robots, a smart warehouse management system and facial recognition technology. Let's also take a look at a smart rehab assistive device based on autonomous technology for Arthritis.

Smart City - Living Laboratory

Hong Kong Science Park serves as a living lab to support innovative research and development work and to provide an ideal environment for testing of the smart city initiatives. The autonomous vehicle trial zone at the Park was deployed in November 2018, while the first commercial equipment field testing of outdoor 28GHz 5G base station in Hong Kong was completed in Science Park recently. As the living lab, HKSTP’s data studio provides data bank for smart city solutions.

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