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Valfoo Asia Pacific Limited

Valfoo is specialized in milk and whey processing products. Due to their specific properties these products offer numerous applications for a wide variety of quality foods. The company’s name Valfoo is made up of the words “value” and “food”. These two words stand for the eagerness of the company, its owners and employees, to improve the quality and production processes of food. At the same time, Valfoo strives to realize the creation of value for its customers within the dairy supply chain – from raw materials in the beginning to finished products at the end. Valfoo’s offices are situated in Hong Kong and Zurich. This enables the best implementation of our concept. Our office in Hong Kong, the centre of the core market Asia, is responsible for sales and application technology. Valfoo’s centre of production and raw material know-how is located in the Technopark Zurich which at the same time handles the European and American market matters. Valfoo stands for reliability, continuity and commitment. With its access to a wide network of industry experts it has a long term experience of the milk and whey industry. This innovative and dynamic company offers its customers valuable knowledge in terms of sourcing, production, distributing and application. Together with its partners, Valfoo has no fewer objectives than to redefine the market for milk and whey.

Unit 228, 2/F, Building 12W, No. 12 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong
+852 3758 2890
Dr. Daniel Krayl
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