• In the Science Park, we provide a series of laboratory services for IC Test Development and Pilot Production:
    • Test programme development for digital, mixed-signal, RF and memory products
    • Loadboard design
    • Probe card design
    • Characterisation programme development
    • Tester platform conversion
    • Production yield analysis and yield improvement
    • Test time reduction
  • We have the equipment to support probing of full wafer as well as manual probing of MPW wafer.
  • We can help to do full measurement according to device specifications. This can be done on ATE or in the lab.
  • Characterisation is the process of understanding how your devices will behave in extreme or non-standard conditions. This can either be design related or wafer fabrication process induced. We can help to define and execute on device parameters characterisation depending on customers' needs.
Laboratory Services - Equipment List
Mixed Signal Tester Advantest V93000 PS800

Class: Mixed Signal Tester

ATE Vendor & Model: Advantest V93000 PS800

Application: Advantest V93000 PS800 test system has the ability to test the most complex, high pin count and high performance SoC devices.

Mixed Signal Tester Advantest V93000 PS400

Class: Mixed Signal Tester

ATE Vendor & Model: Advantest V93000 PS400

Application: Advantest V93000 PS400 test system is an entry-level cost-of-test solution for low-end digital and mixed-signal consumer products.

Mixed Signal Tester Credence ASL 1000

Class: Mixed Signal Tester

ATE Vendor & Model:Credence ASL 1000

Application: The ASL1000, the original member of the ASL family, with greater than 1000 systems installed, supports up to 19 instruments in a fully configured system.

Digital Tester Teradyne J750

Class:  Digital Tester

ATE Vendor & Model: Teradyne J750

Application: Teradyne J750 provides a digital test platform with 100MHz 512 digital channels.



Pick & Place Test Hander Delta EDGE

Class: Pick & Place Test Hander

ATE Vendor & Model: Delta EDGE

Application: The Delta EDGE is an x1 to x4 site pick-and-place handler for tray-based packages. Its standard package size range is 3mm x 3mm up to 40mm x 40mm and includes BGA, QFP, TQFP, TSOP and QFN..

Pick & Place Test Hander Hontech HT-7045

Class: Pick & Place Test Hander

ATE Vendor & Model: Hontech HT-7045

Application: High UPH Epson compatible pick-and-place handler.

Wafer Prober TSK UF200A, UF 3000

Class: Wafer Prober

ATE Vendor & Model: TSK UF200A, UF3000

Application:  These wafer probers can handle wafer sizes of 5, 6, 8 and 12 inches, and are auto-sizing.

ThermoStream Temptronic TPO4310A

Class: ThermoStream

ATE Vendor & Model: Temptronic TPO4310A

Application: TPO4310A is a Thermal Inducing Systems that quickly and conveniently bring small and large devices, modules, PCBs, and other assemblies to precise temperature at the tester or application site. Temperature range is -75°C to +225°C.



Lead Scanner ICOS CI-T120

Class: Lead Scanner

ATE Vendor & Model: ICOS CI-T120

Application: The latest innovations in vision technology, high speed and superior vision accuracy in component handling.

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