Among the many key elements that help transform innovative tech startups into true global tech giants, investment undoubtedly plays one of the biggest roles.
As innovators and investors, we understand how difficult it can be to raise funds during a startup’s early days, when they're most vulnerable.
And as a driver of tech innovation, we want companies in the innovation and technology ecosystem to succeed and reach their full potential.
To this end, HKSTP offers investment support so that these innovators can connect with the right angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate ventures each and every time.
These services include access to: the Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN) and HKSTP’s Hong Kong Science Park Venture Capital Partnership Programme.
In addition, we arrange regular matching events to pair angel investors and venture capitalists with HKSTP partner companies.
If you’re an incubatee or partner company and are looking for angel or VC funding, please don’t hesitate to contact us at for assistance.
*Note: As a rule of thumb, partners companies seeking investment of under US$1million will target angel investors from HKBAN, while those seeking sums larger than this number will target venture capital investors.
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