Investment is a critical element for transforming innovative tech startups into true global tech giants, yet it is often difficult to raise funds at an early stage when a startup is most vulnerable.
HKSTP, as a driver of tech innovation, offers Angel Investment Matching to connect innovators with the right angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate ventures to help companies in the innovation and technology ecosystem succeed and reach their full potential.
The HKSTP angel investor and venture capitalist network is linked to the Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN) and HKSTP’s Hong Kong Science Park Venture Capital Partnership Programme.
We arrange regular matching events to pair angel investors and venture capitalists with HKSTP partner companies.
In general, partners companies seeking investments of under US$1million shall target angel investors from HKBAN, while those seeking larger sums shall target venture capital investors.
HKSTP incubatees or partner companies looking for angel or VC funding are welcome to contact us at for assistance.
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