Incu-Tech is a 3-year programme operated by HKSTP to provide a range of business and professional services to assist technology startups during their inception stages.

HKSTP understands it takes hard work and determination to create the perfect product, application or device that can change the world we live in. We understand the challenges that technology startups face in the creative process. We aim to provide support every step of the way to help technology startups turn their dreams to life.


Target companies

Technology startups working in deep tech research that develops differentiated solutions are welcomed. Ideal applicants should conduct R&D in the following categories and possess innovation that can impact a diverse range of applications.

  • Electronics
  • Green Technology
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Material and Precision Engineering


Programme Benefits

  • Work Premises
  • Technology Support
  • Business Support
  • Financial Aid Package


Work Premises

HKSTP offers rental subsidy to admitted incubatees to give them more flexibility to allocate resources for R&D. Incubatees can also access ready-to-use co-working space or office premises at Hong Kong Science Park or InnoCentre.


Technology Support

To help incubatees create unparalleled innovation in the shortest time possible while saving costs, we have partnered with world-class R&D equipment and software developers to offer high-standard equipment and lab services.

Each technology cluster enjoys access to dedicated labs and teams of experts within Science Park. The labs and services are flexible and may be used on a time-share basis. The latest equipment can be rented on a project or  hourly basis. The labs are staffed by professional engineers to provide necessary support and services. (Click here to download Technology Support Centre Service Terms and Conditions.)

In addition to our in-house expertise, we also partner with leading tech industry giants, including Fujitsu, ASTRI and Rohde & Schwarz and many more to support incubatees’ R&D needs.

HKSTP also helps bridge incubatees and universities to explore collaboration opportunities such as licensing and joint project as well as library services, to accelerate incubatees’ technical development.


Business Support

To help startups establish networks, we organise matching events through which incubatees can find mentors, strategic partners and investors. We also provide advice on business plans, investment preparation and funding.

We take incubatees reach beyond the Park through promotion opportunities such as exhibitions, product launches, press releases and media interviews, business sharing and product demonstration sessions, as well as one-on-one business matching through Technologies from Science Park.


Financial Aid Package

To ensure incubatees achieve success, HKSTP offers funding support to each company to cover R&D and business development expenses.

The programme offers a Financial Aid Package with a maximum of HK$1.29 million to each successful applicant.



Targeted Fund

(For technology and business development expenses)


Rental Subsidy (max)








Mandatory criteria for applicants

  1. The applicant must be a Hong Kong registered technology start-up company limited by shares and established within no more than 2 years on or before the date of the application. HKSTP may request for proof including but not limited to audited financial reports of the applicant.
  2. Companies incorporated within 3 years may be considered if the applicant is a current member or a graduate of the STEP programme or was originally incorporated overseas.
  3. The founders must (legally and beneficially) collectively hold at least 51% of the applicant company.
  4. The founders must be:
         i. individual shareholders, or
         ii. non-operating holding companies (as reflected by the Articles of Association or any other valid proof), or
         iii. operating holding companies that fulfill the admission criteria points 1-3 above.
  5. The applicant must have at least 2 full-time staff members; and all staff must be able to work in Hong Kong legally. The team of full-time engineers and technologists must, individually or collectively, own at least 10% of the applicant's equity. If the applicant has technology from a university or research institute and approved by the said institute, any shares held by the founding university professor(s) or technology inventor(s) shall count towards the 10% equity ownership requirement.
  6. At least 50% of the full-time staff must be engaged in technology-related work and based at the Incubation Centre and or the approved centres.
  7. The applicant must be willing to comply with the following requirements throughout the incubation period once admitted into the programme:
         i. There should be R&D activities carried out at the Incubation Centre space. Operating its office in the Incubation Centre and/ or the Approved Centres as a pure sales and marketing office is not permitted.
         ii. The applicant’s co-working office and work bench setup at the Incubation Centre must be environmentally friendly (i.e. must not create smell, noise or other elements which may disturb others), should not handle hazardous materials (except in wet labs of Biotech SME Centre adhering to the HKSTP published safety standard and guidelines), and must be able to operate in an office building.
  8. Applicants that had joined or is currently participating in any incubation programmes operated by HKSTP are not eligible for the Incu-Tech Programme. In addition, each of the founding team members of the applicant cannot be:
         i. a shareholder or a former shareholder who is currently working for or had worked for more than one company which is in or previously joined any incubation programmes operated by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, or
         ii. a founding team member of more than one company which is in or previously joined any incubation programmes operated by HKSTP.
  9. Require less than 1,600 sq ft of office space.


  • Successful applicants should fulfill the admission criteria throughout the incubation period, and maintain at least 2 full-time staff members in the office at Hong Kong Science Park Technology Incubation Centre and/or the approved centres, where they should conduct their core R&D work.
  • The applicants should have a full disclosure of the shareholder(s)’ identities and holdings (up to the top level) of the applying entity. The general guideline is that should there be corporate shareholders, they should not be mature companies in the same industry involving in the R&D of the same or similar products.


Qualitative Assessment Criteria

  •  Quality and competence of the management team
  •  A sound business plan
  •  Innovativeness
  •  R&D content
  •  Plan Feasibility as revealed in milestones




Milestone Assessment

Milestone assessments are conducted at the end of the 3rd month and every 6 months thereafter during the incubation period, in areas including but not limited to:

  • Product development
  • Business development
  • Corporate development
  • Cash flow status
  • HKSTP services used

Incubatees are expected to show satisfactory performance in the milestone assessment to stay in the programme and continue to enjoy all programme benefits.



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