The Incu-Bio Programme is a four-year Programme managed by the Biomedical Technology Cluster (BMT).

It aims to support the growth and development of biomedical tech start-ups in Hong Kong. Besides offering support for preparing business plans and connection to stakeholders including investments and regulatory agencies (such as that for pharmaceutical products) and fund-raising, our Programme offers financial support as well as provides communal equipment and co-working environment to biomedical companies admitted as incubatees.


Program Benefits

  • Financial Aid Package
  • Co-working Environment
  • Lab Support & Services
  • Business Support

Financial Aid Package

The maximum funding support for an incubatee throughout the 4-year incubation Programme is HK$6,000,000, which consists of:



Amount (HKD)

Financial Subsidy

No payment proof required


Upfront Grant

Pre-approval and payment proof required


Regulatory Affairs Funding Support* 

Pre-approval and payment proof required





*The Regulatory Affairs Funding Support is provided to the incubatee for conducting regulatory activities required for IND filing or or certification (e.g. for CE marking from EU, or for submissions to regulatory agencies such as the EMA, FDA or NMPA). This subsidy aims to support start-ups to reach the device validation or clinical trial stage. For this extra financial support for regulatory activities, the incubatee is required to submit a proposal of the pre-IND activities with milestones and subsequent clinical trials separately.

Note that the above funding support is subject to change at the sole discretion of HKSTP.

Co-working Environment

Incubatees will be offered a co-working space at Hong Kong Science Park with preferential rental arrangements.


Our Co-working office

Lab Support & Services

We offer R&D equipment and software. Lab equipment can be rented on a project or hourly basis. The labs are staffed by professional engineers and scientists to provide necessary support and services.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we also partner with leading tech industry giants to support incubatees’ R&D needs. (Click here to download Technology Support Centre Service Terms and Conditions)

Click here to take a look at what the Biomedical Technology Supporting Centre offers.


Business Support

To help startups establish networks, we organise matching events through which incubatees can find mentors, strategic partners and investors. We also provide advice on business plans, investment preparation and funding.

We take incubatees reach beyond the Park through promotion opportunities such as exhibitions, product launches, press releases and media interviews, business sharing and product demonstration sessions, as well as one-on-one business matching through Technologies from Science Park.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Programme, applicants must meet each of the following Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The Applicant must be a HKSAR registered and incorporated technology start-up company limited by shares under the Companies Ordinance.
  2. The Applicant’s date of incorporation should be: 

    - No more than three (3) years if the Applicant has currently or previously joined the Science and Technology Entrepreneur Programme (STEP) operated by HKSTP. 

    - No more than three (3) years if the Applicant was incorporated outside Hong Kong. 

    - No more than two (2) years for all other Applicants.

  3. The Applicant engages in research and development activities in the focused area of diagnostic, therapeutic, medical device or other biomedical areas such as regulatory/medicine use.   In case the Applicant has a parent company, the activities of its parent company should not be the same as the Applicant.

  4. The Applicant must ensure that all the technology, innovations or inventions ("IPs") to be developed/ commercialised in its business are free of infringement of any third party's rights.  Should the IPs described in an application to be developed/commercialised by an Applicant belong to any other third party, the Applicant must secure a valid licence or written consent/endorsement/agreement from inventor(s) or owner(s) of the IPs prior to the use of such IPs.

  5. The Applicant/founding shareholders cannot be a previous or current incubatee of any one of the incubation Programmes administered or co-administered by HKSTP, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company or Hong Kong Design Centre unless otherwise agreed by HKSTP. HKSTP may consider admitting the applicant only if it can demonstrate that the methodology/product/services to be developed by the Applicant are different from before.

  6. The Applicant is committed to comply with the following requirements throughout the Programme:

    • The founders of the Applicant collectively (legally and beneficially) must hold at least 33% of the company shares at the time of application submission and throughout the Programme Period.  Such founders can be individual shareholders or non-operating holding companies.
    • At least two full-time staff in the company and all staff must be lawfully employable in Hong Kong.
    • At least 50% of full time staff must be engaged in R&D work and based in Hong Kong Science Park.
    • The Applicant will not engage in retail activities at the premises provided by HKSTP.
    • The Applicant must demonstrate that their R&D staff possess the necessary training and skills in laboratory operations, if applicable.  They must comply with the relevant safety standard, guidelines, and procedures and those requested by HKSTP.


Admission Criteria

  1. Innovation and Technology
  2. Business Model
  3. Team/Personnel Competence
  4. Risk Assessment
  5. Milestone Plan for the 4-year Incu-Bio Programme


Application Materials

  • Each application must contain the following documents:
    1. Business Proposal (For the Guidance Notes, please click here)
    2. Presentation Deck of the Business Proposal (Please include a 4-year milestone plan in your presentation deck, click here for a template slide)
  • In addition to the above documents. The Applicant should provide the following supporting documents:
    1. Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate;
    2. Certificate of Incorporation;
    3. Articles of Association;
    4. Latest Annual Return showing the present directors and shareholders;
    5. Corporate Structure, if applicable;
    6. Latest Audited Financial Statements, if any;
    7. Organization Chart;
    8. Curriculum Vitae of all full time staff with clear illustration of their academic qualification (course, period & college attended) and detailed working experience (post held, service period & responsibility);
    9. Copy of the key technical staff’s academic certificates and proof of their latest employment that is relevant to this application;
    10. Employment letter of all non-shareholding full time employee;
    11. Copy of certificate(s) of filing/ grant of patent(s), if any;
    12. Copy of the agreement between the Applicant and the R&D collaborating organisation(s) on the sharing of the royalties or intellectual property rights or any other sorts of income to be generated from the Applicant, if any;
    13. Information about the Company’s impending patent(s), award(s) and published scientific paper(s), if any.
    14. Other supplementary information such as pictures, diagrams and technology illustration.
    15. The Chemical Material Handling and Storage list (please click here)


Admission Procedure

  1. To apply for the Programme, the applicant must prepare the above documents. HKSTP reserves the right to seek additional information as it deems necessary. An Applicant shall also provide all clarification, information and documents requested by HKSTP from time to time for processing its application.

  2. Note that any information provided that is considered intentionally misleading or inaccurate will be investigated.

  3. If an Applicant defers the submission of the clarifications, information and documents requested by HKSTP for processing its application for more than two months, the application may be considered as being withdrawn.

  4. Applications that are deemed to be for a business that is substantially the same as a previously ineligible or unsuccessful application may be rejected.


Eligibility Checks and Assessment Panel

  1. All applications received will be checked to confirm the eligibility criteria have been met. Eligible applications will be assessed by an Assessment Panel comprising independent experts (Please click here) in the Biomedical sector. Panel members will be required to adhere to the probity requirements in accordance with HKSTP’s policy.

  1. Should an applicant identify a potential conflict of interest (e.g. they become aware that a panel member is a current or former supervisor, teacher, student, business competitor, colleague or collaborator, or a relative, friend or personal acquaintance), they should notify HKSTP via email as soon as they become aware of such a situation. A potential conflict of interest will not adversely affect the application; however, the HKSTP will seek to ensure it is assessed independently by other members of the panel in order to avoid any potential probity concerns.

Progress Review

  1. HKSTP will assess the progress of the Incubatee in implementing the committed task activities according to the committed milestones. Methods of monitoring include on-site visit and review of submitted milestone progress report specifying any progress or achievement in research and development, technology/management awards, progress in intellectual property works and study, patent, trademark, registered design, funding received, corporate restructuring such as IPO / joint venture arrangement / mergers and acquisition / spin-off etc status if applicable, sales orders achieved and number of staff employed; audited financial statements, management accounts, management reports and other supporting documents.
  2. There will be eight milestone review meetings throughout the 4-year incubation Programme. The first meeting will be held 3 months after the incubatee has joined the Programme and every 6 months afterwards.

For more programme details, please refer to the Incu-Bio Programme Guide.


Tel: +852 2629 6869 (Ms. Lee)
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