LEAPLeading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP@HK)

LEAP@HK is an ultra-tailored programme providing growth and expansion management support with one goal in mind:

To nurture high potential candidates into regional/global companies

Here we make it happen through a combination of business and corporate development, as well as in-depth assistance on growth management, financing, governance, offered by HKSTP and industry experts in various fields.

We are looking for potential "Star" companies, with:

  • Innovative technology
  • Scalable business model and potential to grow regional/global
  • Viable products ready for market
  • Competent, passionate and coachable team
  • External funding raised (preferable)

To find out more about LEAP, please refer to the information below or email to Mr Michael Au (michael.au@hkstp.org).

LEAP@HK at a Glance

LEAP@HK provides value-add services such as networks cum subsidies on Domain Expert, EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) and dedicated Professional Panels, etc. to accelerate the businesses' growth. Acceleratees will grant options of, upon their choices, 1) 4% of their company shares as of admission date or 2) adjustable value based on next round pre-money valuation/ LEAP@HK service package.

Admission Criteria
  • Either be a current incubatee; graduated incubatee; or a current tenant of HKSTP
  • Must have its headquarters, executive functions and corporate CEO based in Hong Kong
  • Have less than 100 employees
  • At least 50% of full-time staff members based in Hong Kong engaging in technology-related work
  • Off-campus applicants shall obtain qualification approval for moving into Hong Kong Science Park premises as a regular office/laboratory tenant within 6 months of the day of admission and comply with HKSTP tenancy/safety requirements.
What the LEAP@HK Companies Say
AdvanPro “AdvanPro benefits a lot from the programme, in the fields of organisational structure, business model, business strategy, fund raising and business development etc. The programme does help AdvanPro to accelerate during the past year, and our team has grown from 10 people to 50 people. It is really one of the best acceleration programmes I have ever seen. Thanks to the LEAP team for all it has done for AdvanPro!” --- Aaron Wang, CEO, AdvanPro
Insight Robotics “I would recommend LEAP to tech firms in the growth/accelerating stage. Time is more important than money at this stage, and LEAP does fast-track our relationship building with top-tier partners. The LEAP team and company ratio is right, I feel that we have all the attention we need.” --- Kevin Chan, CEO, Insight Robotics
Liricco “We have been benefiting from LEAP programme in many aspects such as: more business matching/ support, mentors from different sectors to help business grow, link up with VC, facilities (e.g. meeting room), interesting/ useful ideas from the LEAP team, etc.” --- Ms Angela Ng, Co-Founder, Liricco
LinkedTech “We are delighted to become a LEAP company. We are able to receive all aspects of business support from LEAP, including dedicated and professional services from the LEAP team, fundraising, legal, mentorship, recruitment and etc.” --- Dr Stephen Chen, CEO, LinkedTech

“LEAP is the greatest partner in Science Park, especially the acceleration status company. They have deep connections in Hong Kong / China and even North America. If your business model is growing globally, you can’t do without LEAP support at Science Park.” --- Mr Jun Yeung, Founder, Viewider

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