LEAP gives startups wings to fly and accelerate growth on the world stage

The Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP) is a business acceleration programme that caters to startups’ distinctive needs for growth and accelerates their innovation onto the global stage.

Preparing startups to take on the world

LEAP is open to promising technology startups from all industries. It is specifically for startups in growth stages that have the following attributes:

  • Innovative technology
  • Viable products ready for market
  • A scalable business model
  • High potential to grow regionally and globally
  • A competent, passionate and open-minded team

LEAP’s Differentiating Benefits 

Resources are heavily invested in LEAP so that all programme members receive optimal and customised support to realise their full potential and fast-track onto the global stage.

The LEAP programme is highly selective. Upon admission, LEAP acceleratees will be entitled to a full package of subsidies and services, including:

  1. EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS TO THE GREATER BAY AREA AND BEYOND = Connect your business to a cluster of 11 cities with a combined population of 65 million and GDP of USD$1.36 trillion (compared to USD$0.76 trillion for San Francisco Bay). It is a powerful business region with a bigger economy than Indonesia, Netherlands and Turkey combined.
  2. ACCELERATE WITH THE BEST = Commercialise with the largest startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, backed by the Hong Kong Government, and leverage a comprehensive range of world-class professional services (including Branding & Marketing, CPA, Channel Distribution, Legal & IP and fundraising), 70+ leading corporate partners and 110+ mentors from more than 20 industries.
  3. ACCESS A WEALTH OF RESOURCES = Secure funding of up to HK$4.8 million (~US$600,000)
  1. Subsidies
  2. Gain a maximum of HK$1.2 million (~US$150,000) funding support to cover the company’s expenses for PR & marketing, professional services and corporate compliance.
  3. Fund Raising Support
  4. Access an extensive investor network, as well as assistance and guidance on preparing financing materials, deal structuring and execution, and negotiations with investors.
  5. Business Development Support
  6. Go regional and global with support for product trials, business expansion tours and executive coaching.
  7. Professional Services Support
  8. Receive guidance about building a solid foundation for company growth, backed by professional services on risk management, IP strategy, compliance and operations.

Upon admission into the Programme, LEAP members must grant a call option to HKSTP for a 5% stake – or a future valuation-based adjustable equity stake – in the company.


What the LEAP Companies Say


“LEAP is an amazing platform that has successfully and accurately matched our smart city solutions to targeted users like the government, public organisations and international corporations.

The team members of LEAP are so professional and they give us inspiration and advice about the direction for our company growth.”

— Mr. Wisdom Chan, Founder & CTO, Chain Technology Development Co. Limited

GreenSafety Technology Limited

“If you are a startup in HK then you should aim to join LEAP as it provides an all-round support to help the company to accelerate the growth. The subsidy and reimbursement totalled to be over 4 million HKD. Besides monetary support, the LEAP team consists of different experts who can advise on wide scope of issues. Highly recommended”

Mr Antonio Wong, Founder and CEO, GreenSafety Technology Limited


Motive Force Technology Limited

“LEAP is a no ordinary acceleration programme for startups. We benefited a lot from LEAP's professional support on business strategies and operations, connected us to top tier corporates in Hong Kong that expanded our business beyond our original domain. I would like to take a moment to personally thank my LEAP account manager and domain experts for their mentorship. I'd highly recommend startups to join LEAP. LEAP brings us value beyond money!”

 Mr. Terence Tseng, CEO & CTO, Motive Force Technology Limited


 Telefield Medical Imaging Limited

LEAP inspires and supports our company towards success, with its elegant and knowledgeable supporting team, professional and hardworking staff, generous and systematic resources, and a full range of domain experts. Joining LEAP accelerates us growing from a startup to a mature innovation and technology based business with global markets.

Dr. Yongping Zheng, Mr. Steve Cheng, Co-founders of Telefield Medical Imaging Limited



“LEAP has demonstrated its professionalism in aiding RV Automation Technology to grow swiftly with comprehensive training and in-depth services in diverse areas, such as fund-raising, investor referrals, business development, company structure reorganisation, marketing, governance and many others.

To further accelerate our business growth, LEAP has assigned renowned Domain Experts and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) to offer specialised assistance in finance and budgeting, branding strategy, business model optimization, legal review and so forth. LEAP has simultaneously linked us up with different business opportunities, enabling us to expand our business not only in Hong Kong but also in the Greater Bay Area and the APAC region.”

— Mr. Rio Chau, CEO, RV Automation Technology Co. Ltd


Since its inception in 2014, LEAP has helped acceleratees raise over HK$300 million. More than half of the LEAP members have doubled revenues, with some exceeding their growth targets. LEAP members are also pushing their brands globally with an extended reach to more than 20 economies including the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia and Southeast Asia.


To be eligible for LEAP, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Either be a current incubation company or a tenant of HKSTP
  • Have its headquarters, executive functions and corporate CEO based in Hong Kong
  • Have less than 100 employees
  • At least 50% of full-time staff members based in Hong Kong engaging in technology-related work
  • Off-campus applicants shall obtain qualification approval for moving into Hong Kong Science Park premises as a regular office/laboratory tenant within 6 months of admission into LEAP, and comply with HKSTP tenancy/safety requirements.



To apply, please read through the Programme Introduction and Guidelines, and submit the completed application form to join.leap@hkstp.org



+852 2629 7002
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