Great products can only change the world, if the world knows about them. 

As part of our promise to support our partner companies every step of the way on their road to success, HKSTP offers business development and product launch services, which includes marketing and public relations support. 

From sending out a press release to key media outlets to attending major trade fairs to officially launch a new product to taking part in world-class competitions, HKSTP is an expert in these areas, so you can focus on your product development. 

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards, Asian Innovation Awards, and The Hong Kong Awards for Industries…these are just some of the signature events and competitions that we can help you to be part of. 

And over the years, many of our partner companies and incubatees have enjoyed international recognition, bringing home awards from around the globe. To celebrate their achievements, and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers among the younger generation, we’ve set up the product showcase and the Smart Living exhibition at Science Park. 
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