An applicant shall meet the following conditions to be admitted as a tenant.

  1. Core Tenants

    1. General

      1. An application shall engage in technology intensive business and place knowledge-based innovation functions that encompass decision making, research, product and market development, advanced manufacturing, customer support and associated services as a significant part of its operations in Science Park.
      2. An applicant's operations in Science Park should not be primarily in mass production, although small scale pilot production or high value-added production in support of product and market development and innovation may be permitted.
      3. An applicant's operations in Science Park should be environmentally friendly.
    2. An applicant's operations in Science Park must contribute to the long term economic success of Hong Kong through the development, enhancement and / or application of innovation and technology.

      Examples of applicants that would be acceptable are as follows :


      1. Companies engaging in the following activities:
        • Research and development of products, services and processes including market research, product management and related activities.
        • Product or process engineering, qualification and related product and production support activities.
        • Headquarters operations encompassing one or more of the above functions.
      2. Inward investing companies who wish to start up and expand in Hong Kong and plan to engage in activities listed in (1bi.) within a preset period agreed in advance with Science Park Administration.
      3. Embryo and start-up companies planning to engage in the above listed activities. Examples are companies growing out of university research activities or incubation programmes or companies founded by entrepreneurs within the HKSAR.
    3. Priority will be given to companies who :

      1. are world leaders (actual or potential) in innovation technology, brand recognition, market coverage and / or operation excellence
      2. are contributing members of fostering clusters
      3. have a long-term commitment to building technology competence in Hong Kong through investment in people and intellectual property
      4. provide a significant number of high value-added innovation and technology jobs locally; and / or
      5. are engaged in the areas of Electronics, Information Communications Technology (ICT), Biomedical Technology, Material and Precision Engineering or Green Technology.

        Please Click here for more details of the application procedure.


  2. Regional-headquarters (RHQ) and regional offices (RO)

    1. Require a technical person (i.e. CTO, R&D Manager, Engineering Manager) in charge of R&D on the regional basis.
    2. Resume/C.V. and title/position of this technical person is required to submit for evaluation, as well as organization chart of Parent Company showing the role of RHQ/RO.


  3. Professional Service Providers

    1. Professional companies providing value-added services (e.g. IP service providers, Corporate service providers (mainly accounting and legal service providers), and HR (including IT) outsourcing service providers) are also admissible to Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.