R&D Infrastructure
Each innovative idea, product or business begins with R&D. 

And more often than not, a good idea becomes a great idea when fostered in the perfect space and environment. 

Whether you’re an SME who’s just starting out or a well-established MNC looking to set up regional R&D headquarters / regional offices in Hong Kong, Science Park will be your perfect partner on your road to success. 

In addition to the fully-furnished ‘plug-and-play’ or tailorable R&D offices, laboratories, and meeting facilities, we offer a full range of value added services that help take your organisation to the next level.

We offer…the Shared Knowledge of over 550 of the world’s most innovative companies, as well as the expertise of top scientific and entrepreneurial minds.  

And most importantly, we offer…Our Partnership and HKSTP Brand, a name renowned in the tech industry  for fostering and producing some of the most cutting-edge and successful products to date, which have changed the industries they launched in. 

Start your journey with us today!