Admission Criteria



  1. All applicants shall engage in creativity intensive businesses, with design related activities as listed in paragraph 1.02(a). An applicant should engage at least 50% of space and manpower in design related activities; the remaining percentage can be used for headquarters functions, such as financial control, marketing and administration. Individual cases may be considered on their own merits at the Corporation’s discretion.
  2. An applicant’s primary operation in InnoCentre should not be in the retail business or solely engaged in marketing or used as business office and/or engaged in mass production, although small scale pilot production or high value-added production in support of product and market development and innovation may be permitted.
  3. An applicant’s operation in InnoCentre should undertake an ethical, professional and environmentally friendly business, capable of operating in a studio/office environment and should be engaged in activities which do not handle hazardous or obscene materials.


An applicant’s operation in InnoCentre must contribute to the long term economic success of Hong Kong through the development, enhancement and/or application of innovation.

  1. Companies engaged in the following design activities are acceptable (this list is by no means exhaustive):
    • Lifestyle & Product Design
    • Branding, Design Research & Design Services
    • Multimedia & Interactive Design, Film & User Experience
    • Inter-disciplinary design integrating with technology
    • Others to be determined on the individual basis by the HKSTP
  2. Inward investing companies who wish to start up and/or expand in Hong Kong and plan to engage in activities listed in 1.02(a) are welcome.


Priority will be given to companies as follows:

  1. Companies are market leaders (actual or potential) engage in design activities as specified in paragraph 1.02(a)
  2. Companies have a long-term commitment to building innovation and/or creativity competence in Hong Kong through investment in people and intellectual property
  3. Companies would provide a significant number of high value-added innovation jobs locally
  4. Companies would contribute to strengthen the design capability in Hong Kong

Application Procedure


Interested companies should complete the application form “Application form for new tenancy – Q Form – InnoCentre” signed by an authorised representative of the applicant and send it to the Marketing and Sales Division of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

Address: InnoCentre Marketing Office ,Unit 129, InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon.
Tel: (852) 2629 6620 / 2629 6776


No fee is needed for lodging the “Application for Admission”. The employees and leasing agents of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) are not permitted to solicit or accept advantages from applicants.

Admission Procedure


HKSTP will consider applications and grant admission to successful applicants.


HKSTP will use the information contained in the application to examine the applicant’s contribution to the Hong Kong economy in terms of:

  1. Amount of projected sales, export or added value;
  2. Amount of projected investment in design activities;
  3. Number of projected staff in design activities and other related positions;
  4. Levels of planned innovation and related design programme;
  5. Multiplier effects in stimulating the local economy or raising levels of the design industry.


HKSTP will conduct annual reviews with the tenant after the latter has been admitted, so as to verify the implementation and realisation of the planned activities stated in the application. If there are deviations from the planned activities, hkstp and the tenant will work together to agree on a plan to rectify the situation, so as to meet the admission criteria.