Showcasing Great Ideas @ InnoCentre

For a great idea to change the world, the world has to know about it.

At InnoCentre, our members can take advantage of the state-of-the-art MICE facilities (2,400 sq m) at their disposal, to host designed-focused exhibitions, conferences and seminars for peers, industry experts, angel investors, media, and venture capitalists.

With the help of InnoCentre’s MICE and marketing team, putting together an event is as easy a one, two, three. 

These are invaluable opportunities for designers to showcase their work at the local and international level, as well as create the networks and contacts that will take their businesses to the world stage.  

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Booking Procedure
  1. Check Venue Availability

    1. (Venues are open for reservation 12 months prior to event date)
    2. Contact Marketing Office via 2629 6773 / 2629 6769 or
  2. Pencil-in

    Email Marketing Office with:

    1. company name;
    2. event name and nature;
    3. event date and time;
    4. number of participants;
    5. contact person and number
  3. Arrange Site Visit

  4. Submission of Application

    1. Complete and return the following information:
    2. InnoCentre MICE Application Form
    3. a copy of Business Registration (new customer)
      1. (The applicant will be informed within 2 weeks from the date of application)
  5. Confirmation

    1. Sign and return the signed Service Order Confirmation within 2 weeks from the date of receipt
  6. Non-refundable Deposit

    1. Settle 50% non-refundable deposit immediately upon acceptance of Service Order Comfirmation
  7. Submission of Floor Plan and Rundown

  8. Balance of Payment

    1. All payment should be fully settled according to the due date on debit note or 3 days before the event set-up date, whichever is the eariler
Venue Usage Rules & Regulations
  1. Event Nature

    1. InnoCentre only accommodates events which are design, technology or innovation related activities

    2. Events to be held at InnoCentre are private and attendees should be properly registered before the event.

  2. Insurance

    1. Lessees should consider any health and safety risks that might need to be addressed and they are required to arrange third party liability insurance to cover workers, staff and guests for the event.

    2. Should there be any damages found to the equipment(s) upon returning to the lessor, lessee is liable for the repairing charges.

  3. Crowd Control

    1. Maximum capacity of the whole exhibition area is 419 persons at any point of time in accordance with the Regulation of the Fire Department.

    2. Lessees shall bear the responsibility to instigate traffic control measure and arrange extra security if visitor’s number exceeds the said number above.

  4. Electricity

    1. Lessees can make enquiries at InnoCentre in advance for electricity application.

    2. For safety reasons, lessor reserves the right to reject using any power extension cord in the venue provided by the lessee.

    3. Rental costs of power sockets are:

      1. 13A single phase: $ 200 per unit per day;

      2. 32A three phase: $ 1470 per day; and

      3. 100A three phase: $ 4600 per day

  5. Floor Plan and Programme Rundown

    1. Lessees have to submit the floor plan and rundown at least two weeks before the event date.

    2. The number of equipment provided for rental by InnoCentre is on first-come first-served basis.

    3. Charges will be applied for any additional manpower for any change of setting during the event.

    4. Lessees are required to inform Marketing Office regarding the use of sound devices, and duration of speech and / or performance in order to minimise possible noise disturbance to tenants / incubatees at InnoCentre and its neighbourhood.

    5. Cash transactions / selling activities are prohibited within InnoCentre.

  6. Catering set-up

    1. Please indicate in advance the format of catering, set-up and frequency if any (such as number of coffee breaks, etc).

    2. Cleaning cost will be charged based on the format and scope of the catering and refreshment.

  7. Internet Service

    1. Free Wi-Fi internet service is available at InnoCentre

  8. Removal of Garbage

    1. Lessees / contractors shall be responsible for the removal of own garbage incurred during the setup / dismantling and event dates by transporting them away in their vehicles.

    2. InnoCentre reserves the right to charge for cleaning of extra bulky or left over garbage by lessees.

  9. Storage and Security

    1. No storage space will be provided by InnoCentre,

    2. Lessees will be required to arrange security services at their own costs to safeguard their valuables.

  10. Car Parking

    1. Parking spaces are available at B1 and B2 floors of InnoCentre at the prevailing applicable rates.