With a view to enhancing the value chain of the innovation and technology (I&T) industries in Hong Kong, the HKSTP has implemented a revamped IE Programme (IE2.0) to promote re-industrialization for smart production and high value-added industries to be established in Hong Kong.

Under the new IE2.0, the key mandate of HKSTP would be to utilize the land on our IEs more efficiently to support Science, Innovation and Technology (SIT) based industries which are vital to the sustained growth of our economy.

New Business Model

Since 2016, HKSTP will mainly construct and manage specialized high efficiency multi-storey industrial buildings for rent to multi-users instead of granting sites to single users for building their own factories. Only in exceptional cases of meritorious projects would HKSTP consider granting sites on long lease to applicants to build standalone factories. Proposal will be assessed in terms of its social and economic benefits to Hong Kong, technology level, transfer and commercialization, industry lead and job creation etc.

The land premium in the case of land grant on long lease (upto June 2047) in exceptional cases or rental charges of our specialized buildings will be delinked from the historical land development costs. They will be competitively priced, having regard to prevailing market conditions and other relevant factors.

The entire value chain from R&D, prototyping, product design, production, testing and distribution, administration to marketing and branding etc; could all be accommodated on the IEs in a through-train model. At the moment, the following target industries are mostly welcomed:

Target Industry
1. Pharmaceutical, healthcare and biomedical
2. Electronics and optical
3. Precision engineering and assembly
4. Specialised manufacturing / Advanced materials
5. Information, communication and telecommunications


If you have any enquiry, please contact our Leasing Officer, Ms Helen Chung on Tel 2629 6863 or
email: helenwk.chung@hkstp.org.