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    Well Being Digital (WBD101) is a Hong Kong company that provides highly accurate sensing semiconductor solution (SmartBody™ Processors) that contains our ActivHearts™ algorithm to hearables/wearables brands targeted at sports, fitness and healthcare markets. Our technologies won awards at numerous world-wide events including two awards (Gold and Special) at the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (a world class competition co-organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization), the Best Wearable Mobile Technology at Mobile World Congress 2016 and the Grand Prize of the Hong Kong ICT Award 2016. With more than 50 patents filed/granted in USA, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and PCT, our solution is being used by international Tier 1 brands such as Harman Kardon JBL and Pioneer. In addition, as of Oct 2019, WBD101 got appointed by the HKSAR government as a Designated Local Research Institute so that customers engaging WBD101 for approved R&D activities may get up to 300% tax deduction.


    Whether you are designing a hearable (smart earbuds) or wrist based wearables, we provide the SmartBody™ Processor and hardware reference design that includes heart rate sensing, RRI (HRV) and motion sensing. Our multiple LEDs and multiple sensors (OpticalFusion™) approach to sensing results in probably the world’s smallest heart rate sensing technology for hearable. This means that the smart earbuds using our technology can fit much more ears and therefore we can be much more accurate. The heart rate results is then sent using the standard heart rate profile (HRP) in the BLE so that 3rd party apps like Polar Beat™, Runkeeper™, Strava™, Runtastic™ and Codoon™ are also compatible. Consumers expect smart earbuds that measure heart rate because: (1) They expect more features to be added to their earbuds purchases every year (2) It is more convenient to run and have the APP set to report your heart rate to you audibly than to keep looking at your watch’s display while you run (3) The Smart Watch may run out of battery very soon if you turn on its GPS, Bluetooth music stream and HRM so it is better to move the heart rate sensing to the smart earbuds and (4) There are more people using earbuds everyday than smart watches. Contact: Sales Department

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