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    Room C, 7/F, Kings Wing Plaza 2 On Kwun Street, Shek Mun, Shatin N.T.


    Smart Bright Technology Enterprises Limited focuses in sensor development for various applications. Sensors are specifically developed to capture and record movement during different types of exercise. For the wireless data communication from sensor to APP, we have options for customers in Blue Tooth, WiFi as well as Zigbee. We have in house expertise for hardware, firmware and APP development for the specific sensor solution.


    “Exercise Tracker” is an exercise monitoring system specially designed for elderly people. Our product can be used in elderly institute with over hundreds of users or simply use it at home with one or two users. The design is very flexible and expandable to future applications. The basic hardware is a smart movement sensor that monitors several exercise motion such as kicking, pull/push or cycling. It records the duration, speed and time of exercise. The sensor is very compact in size and attachable to the exercise equipment or wear by the user. With the help of BT mesh connection, the data is transferred to the mobile device or Cloud service for daily monitoring, improvement plan and further analysis.

    Contact Person

    Mr. Sonda So

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