• SkinData Limited


    +852 5344 3621


    Unit 521, 5/F, Biotech Centre 2 No. 11 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Sicence Park, Pak Shek Kok,HK


    SkinData Limited represents a company dedicated to the advancement of naturally-sourced active pharmaceutical grade compounds to consumers seeking to maintain and improve skin health. The company has three main areas of focus, which includes skin pigmentation, photoageing and inflammation. These clinical areas are the subject of rigorous pre-clinical and clinical testing by respective leaders in biology, phytochemistry, product formulation and delivery. SkinData has the objective to deliver these promises in consumer friendly and easily to understand products. Company business includes development of natural skin care phenolic ingredients; formulation design and test; skin care products development and consultant; efficacy test (cell system, artificial skin model).


    Skin care products design and consultant; Natural skin care ingredients development (for skin lightening, anti-oxidant, DNA repair, anti-glycation, anti-inflammation; acne treatment); Formulation design and test; Efficacy test (cell system, artificial skin model); Clinic data analysis.

    Contact Person

    Ms. Shuting Hu

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