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    The company was created in December 2012 from a core team of founders with entrepreneurial spirits and cross-functional backgrounds in business, biotechnology, advanced micromachining & microfluidic Lab On Chip (LOC) platform. Their backgrounds and experiences formed the basis for this concept of bringing forth a rapid diagnostic, mobile platform for faster and more accurate diagnosis for time critical and life threatening diseases.

    At Sanwa BioTech, we believe that impending changes are coming to the way to conventional clinical diagnostic & academic R&D for bio-discoveries. We aim to become a driving force for these changes to revolutionize healthcare solutions into the future. Sanwa BioTech delivers accurate and actionable information through our disposable Lab-On-Chip (LOC) rapid diagnostic platform, resulting in transformative diagnostic tests for faster clinical decisions and better economic outcomes.


    At Sanwa Biotech, we provide a portable IVD device integrated with a microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LOC) platform and multiplex protein microarray to deliver an end-to-end diagnostic in 15 minutes with only one drop of blood. This microfluidic integrated system revolutionizes current laboratory process and drastically reduces the turnaround time from sample to results. Our platform combines the advantages from both laboratory diagnostics and Point-Of-Care diagnostics. It brings convenience and value in diseases monitoring, supports clinical decisions, improves reaction to time critical diseases and contributes to innovative solutions that combat challenges on global health care.

    In clinical applications, we develop a wide range of rapid diagnostic panels for screening multiple diseases with a single, simple test, including infectious diseases, respiratory, cardiac diseases, renal, liver and sexually transmitted diseases.

    For ex-clinical applications, we aim to offer customized solutions on pet health, agri-food (animal), pharmaceutical R&D and academic bio-discovery R&D tools and solutions for the detection of specific peptide target, be it pathogenic agent, drug therapeutic target or personalized immune-biomarkers.

    Contact Person

    Mr. Tiffany Kwan

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