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    Optical Sensing Limited is established in June 2012 with expertise in design and development, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of highly sensitive optical sensing systems, including Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), to provide solutions and services to areas where there are needs to maintain electrical power supplies, to prevent against fire hazards and fluid leakages.


    Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) is a real-time temperature sensing system employing optical sensing technologies stemmed from Raman or Brillouin backscattered light in optical fiber. Our DTS system reacts instantly to overheating and equips with remote surveillance monitoring and alarm functions. The basic system composes of DTS unit, optical fiber and monitoring software. It can be widely used to a myriad of areas such as commercial buildings, residential blocks and data centers. Its immediate applications include the installations of DTS alongside with busway systems or LED/LCD panels to provide early warning caused by overheating against fire accidents or sudden power outage. The company will further expand the products to other applications such as detection of gas and liquid leakage.

    Contact Person

    Mr. Matthew Lam

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