• MotherApp Limited

    MotherApp Limited

    +852 34278265


    708-9 & 727-8, 7/F, Enterprise Place, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.,


    Motherapp develops smart applications that engage your customers and improve your operations. We’ll help you benefit from advances in mobile, IoT, AI and data analytics.

    With teams in Hong Kong, Ningbo and California, Motherapp brings a uniquely caring approach to creating value with proven and emerging technology.


    Motherapp offers the following services and products:

    1. Smart Environments - Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Factory and Smart Services
    2. Customer Engagement - Loyalty Membership App, Marketing Automation and Customer Journey Analytics
    3. Digital Consulting - UX and Design, Agile Development and Data Science

    Contact Person

    Mr. Motherapp

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