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    Health View Bioanalytic Limited (“HVB”) is a start-up that put state-of-the-art research into reality by accurately assessing the risk of stroke through a fundus photo in the fastest and convenience manner.
    Developed through cutting-edge researches from the CUHK, the Automatic Retinal Image Analysis (“ARIA”) system provides stroke risk assessment for patients not limited to high risk patients with diabetes, heart disease or hypertension.
    ARIA analyzes the retinal blood vessels to infer vital information regarding cardiovascular health with great confidence. As a Cloud-based platform, ARIA can also cater for all users on providence of fundus photos regardless their location at any time.


    Automatic Retinal Image Analyzer (“ARIA”)
    ARIA is an algorithm built on the cloud internet platform that is fast and easy to use:
    Step 1 - Captured image
    Operator can use a general fundus camera to capture the retinal images, which usually takes less than 5 minutes.
    Step 2 - Upload Image
    Personal computer is connected to the fundus camera for the captured images to be encrypted and transferred to ARIA for analysis and reporting.
    Step 3 – Analysis
    ARIA automatically analyze the uploaded image, which usually takes less than one minute to complete.
    Step 4 – Report
    Completed report will be sent back to the site within 3 minutes and stored in the main server so subjects or other authorized persons can access anytime anywhere.
    Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:
    1. Fully automatic
    2. No need to use specialist
    3. Non-invasive
    4. No radiation
    5. No side effect
    6. Fast
    7. Accurate
    8. Can be done as frequently as one likes
    9. Convenient

    Contact Person

    Professor Benny Zee

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