• Acoustic Arc International Limited


    +852 26074015


    +852 26074016


    Units 110-112 Philips Electronics Building Hong Kong Science Park Pak Shek Kok Hong Kong


    Acoustic Arc International Limited (AAi) specializes in developing and supplying wireless audio & communications solutions to the global market. Its dedicated and unique platforms provide one-stop solutions from technology research, product development, applications, manufacturing and export. We have established our own comprehensive research and development foundation at Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. With production facility operates in Shenzhen, we serve efficiently our customer needs around the world.


    AAi focuses on wireless technology and transform it to products for mass public, such as wireless audio technology, including - 2.4GHz wireless headphone and wireless earbuds - Bluetooth wireless headphone, wireless speaker and wireless earbuds - Conference call speaker and radar Receiver At the same time, we are helping customer to build and manage the technology in non-disclosed manner as an OEM manufacturer.

    Contact Person

    Mr. Eric Chau

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