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    Unit 232, 2/F., Building 16W, No. 16 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok HK


    Ackuis Technology Limited focuses on the improvement of industrial automation technology. We make every effort to assist manufacturers to improve their production process. Ackuis comes from the words "accuracy and integrity", we uphold the concept of accuracy and integrity to provide our customers with sound and reliable solutions.

    We are “Quality-Oriented” in providing our customers with cost-effective and reliable products. With our expertise on automation, we help our customers to improve quality, reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency.


    Product Control Management System (PCMS) is a powerful machine vision system for automated product inspection, verification, data collection, defect detection and automated measurement.

    PCMS ensures the product quality of a production line meet standard requirements before delivering to customers. Users input product standard requirements through PCMS’ graphical user interface. The system automatically examines the product quality through an algorithmic logic and performs a rejection task when necessary.


    Industry 4.0

    Contact Person

    Ms. Selina Ng

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