Hong Kong’s digital revolution is on!

The city has a robust ICT infrastructure and a deep pool of skilled IT professionals; Hong Kong residents are some of the most savvy mobile technology users and are known as early adopters, which is apparent from the 175% smartphone penetration rate, one of the highest in the world; free wireless services are available at over 2,900 hot spots in the city; and the Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, an advanced wireless broadband technology, is readily available in Hong Kong.  

When it comes to ICT development, Hong Kong is the right place, and as the future looms, opportunities in cloud computing, Big Data analytics, Smart City solutions, 5G, and IoT are beckoning. 

And behind the scenes, HKSTP has been a key part of this development every step of the way, and we will continue this pioneering spirit to ensure that the city’s enters its next stage of development for ICT. 

ICT has been one of HKSTP’s core clusters since 2001, and we’ve provided a unique environment where many of our partner companies have created pioneering ICT technologies for numerous applications and market segments. Products and services that have driven the city’s ICT environment to ever higher levels. 

Our shared labs and comprehensive technical assistance help our partner companies to bring their products to their full potential. More importantly, our unique environment offers opportunities for collaboration and to bring different technology platforms together to create a comprehensive ecosystem. 

Our offerings includes:

  1. LTE Joint Test Laboratory – a dynamic space for companies to develop LTE technologies. A collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz, partner companies can test 3GPP, as well as verify antenna design using the automated OTA test system and Anechoic RF chamber. 
  2. Wireless Communications Test Laboratory – one of Science Park’s most sought-after facilities, partner companies can test and develop technologies related to digital TV broadcasting, RF and telecoms here. State-of-the-art in very aspect, support services are also available for product and pre-conformance testing for technologies ranging from wireless to the Internet of Things to mobile broadband. 
  3. Cloud Support Service – the Cloud is now connected to every part of our lives and to every business. If you use a smartphone or if your business stores customer data for promotional uses, you’re using the Cloud. To help our partner companies take their businesses to the next level, we work with leading cloud service providers (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) so integrating the Cloud to products is as easy as one, two and three. 
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