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HKSTP Officially Opens Robotics Catalysing Centre to Raise Hong Kong’s Profile as a Regional Robotics Hub
RCC provides a testing bed to address the needs to experiment and validate different robotics applications locally
18 Dec 2017

To celebrate the launch of the new Robotics Catalysing Centre, Mr Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP (left) and Dr Crystal Fok, Technical Leader, Robotics Platform of HKSTP (right), together officiated a twist on the traditional roasted pig cutting ceremony with a robotic arm.

Mr Terry Chang, Engineering Director of New World CAD/CAM Development Ltd. showcased the automation production facilities for automotive, food and medical device industries.

Mr Charles Ngan, Project Manager (left) and Mr Wayne Chan, Managing Director of IHP Limited demonstrated how ChocoQuill, the company’s chocolate food drawing machine, can answer cake and bakery industry demands for a mass scale bespoke food drawing and writing service.

Mr Eric Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Nikyang Enterprise Ltd. introduced the company’s fully automated sample preparation platform that enables simple and optimised smart lab procedures.

Mr Carlos Lee, Chief Executive Officer of O-Matic Intelligent Robot Limited shared how the company’s cable robot provides an alternative to spraying paint and can potentially address labour shortage issues in Hong Kong’s construction industry.




(Hong Kong, 18 December 2017) Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) today announced the official opening of the Robotics Catalysing Centre (RCC) in Hong Kong Science Park. To promote the newly set up facility, a full-day event with a series of keynote speakers and live demonstrations showcasing robotics applications across various industries by HKSTP’s partners was held.

The Robotics platform is one of the three initiatives steered by HKSTP aimed at driving the growth of the technology sector in Hong Kong. The RCC is the latest project that reinforces HKSTP’s determination to grow the local innovation and technology ecosystem, connect local talent with strategic networks and help raise Hong Kong’s profile as a regional robotics hub. The RCC has also been set up to support the robotics solution providers at HKSTP throughout their system development cycle. With up to 4,000ft² of flexible working space, the RCC provides an ideal place for solution providers and system integrators to conduct development, integration, assembly ,validation and the factory acceptance test ( FAT) upon deployment to production. The prime location of Hong Kong also allows RCC users to address clients’ needs from all over the world and present live demonstrations of integrated solutions.

Mr Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP said, “We see high potential for our robotics platform as we help expand the ecosystem and realise the economic and social benefits for Hong Kong in this growing market. While we have seen unlimited possibilities for robotics and automation across many industries, it is also clear that these companies may not have a proper testing bed to demonstrate and validate their products to their potential clients in the city. The creation of the RCC helps address this challenge.

“Additionally our comprehensive network helps drive product commercialisation by connecting different parties through live demonstrations installed at the RCC. We also work closely with a diverse range of visionary partners including the Robotics Alliance which allows robotics start-ups to connect technology companies with industrialists to accelerate collaborative and result-driven innovative efforts. Moving forward, HKSTP will continue to play a pivotal role in bringing together stakeholders and potential clients through the centre to stimulate interaction and co-operation on the robotics platform.”

At the launch event, a number of live demonstrations were provided by HKSTP’s partner companies to highlight the potential of the centre and show how it facilitates robotics applications and automation across different sectors. New World CAD/ CAM Development Ltd. showcased the automation production facilities for automotive, food and medical device industries. IHP Limited, an HKSTP incubatee, highlighted the deployment of robotics applications in food personalisation by writing and drawing with chocolate on food.

Founded by an industry veteran, another HKSTP incubatee, O-Matic Intelligent Robot Limited showcased robotics applications in the construction industry with a demonstration of cable robots spraying paint for industrial use. These robots can potentially address labour shortage issues in the local construction industry. The technology from Nikyang Enterprise Ltd. helps break down large laboratory testing equipment into simple-to-use modules which can be customised and applied based on the industry-specific needs of their clients. A smart-lab is the latest project that the company is developing at HKSTP.


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