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HKSTP Delegation Wins 15 Awards at Prestigious International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
17 Apr 2018

HKSTP Delegation Wins 15 Awards at Prestigious International Exhibition of Inventions of GenevaHKSTP Delegation Wins 15 Awards at Prestigious International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

HKSTP shares the joy of 12 winning companies for attaining remarkable achievements at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. HKSTP’s delegation collected a total of 15 awards at the world’s most prestigious invention show.


(Hong Kong, 17 April 2018) Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) is proud to announce that 12 partner companies and incubatees from the HKSTP-led delegation won a total of 15 awards at the renowned 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. The awards won include the Prize of the Romanian Delegation, three Gold Medals with Congratulations of the Jury, six Gold Medals and five Silver Medals.

The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is the world's most prestigious innovation exhibition organised under the patronage of the World Intellectual Property Organisation of the Swiss Government and City of Geneva. Held between 11st and 15th April this year, there were more than 1,000 inventions presented in 822 exhibitions from over 40 countries and regions at the event.

HKSTP’s partner company Marvel Digital Limited, a leader in 3D visualisation technologies, collected the Prize of the Romanian Delegation, a Gold Medal and a Silver Medal at the event with two of their acclaimed products. These included the Memto Live Picture Frame, which is a cloud-based imaging solution that produces naked-eye 3D images in clear, 4K ultra-high definition; and their Advanced Image Rendering Algorithms for Autostereoscopic 3D Display. 

The other Hong Kong companies who made a strong showing at the show, winning the Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury included BrainNow Medical Technology Limited, Neosen Energy HK Limited and TFS Global Company Limited. Additionally, Antwave Technology Limited, Film Players Limited, Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, Pacific Telecom & Navigation Limited and Sucabot MedTech International Limited all came home with a Gold Medal for their inventions. Four other Silver Medals went to BeeInventor Limited, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited, MoNi Studio Interactive Interior Design Ltd and Pacific Telecom & Navigation Limited.

All of them have benefited from HKSTP’s support along their R&D-to-commercialisation journey, including financial aid, facilities and equipment, business networks, industry connections and market intelligence.

Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP, congratulated the companies on their achievements and commented: “It is such a proud moment for us all to see the technopreneurs in Hong Kong receive international recognition by their peers. Indeed, one of HKSTP’s major imperatives for our partner companies and incubatees is to bridge them with international business connections and assist them in expanding their markets. HKSTP is glad to have played its part in facilitating our technopreneurs in their R&D pursuits. We will continue to support them, so that they may see their ideas come to fruition as successful products.”

Other Awards Highlights: 

  • BrainNow Medical Technology Limited, Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury
    BrainNow’s AccuBrain® is a clinically approved computing tool for early detection and differential diagnosis of dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. The technology can be used in clinical practice and clinical research, through providing visualisation and analysis workflows derived from large population-based imaging studies.
  • Neosen Energy HK Limited, Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury
    Neosen Energy specialises in wireless charging, IoT tracking and solar solutions. The company developed a thin and printable low cost asset tracking and long range communication tag with an imprint battery.
  • TFS Global Company Limited, Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury
    TFS Global is a FinTech company focused on innovative cash management solutions. Their SmartSafe terminals come with automated features such as banknote counting, authentication, as well as safe and cloud-based cash management systems. It helps retailers or companies dealing with large daily cash transactions manage their day-to-day on-location banknotes.
  • Antwave Technology Limited, Gold Medal
    Specialising in antenna solutions for wireless products, Antwave’s patent-pending, fully-transparent antenna technology can generate multiple frequencies in a single piece of material. Their technology design also utilises human body tissue as conductors, thus the antenna can perform well even when it is attached very close to the human body. The technology can also utilise a building’s metal window frames as antennas, replacing the need to place antennas on roof-tops.
  • Film Players Limited, Gold Medal
    Film Players specialises in smart-film R&D and smart-film solution integration. Its transparent digital data display film can turn any surface into a monochrome display.
  • Marvoto Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, Gold Medal
    Marvoto develops handheld 3D ultrasound applications. The M1 Fetus camera allows mothers-to-be to take photos of their babies anytime, anywhere. Small, easy to operate, it works with a smartphone app allowing for easy photo editing and sharing.  The device is free of ionised and light radiation, for the safety of expectant mothers and babies.
  • Pacific Telecom & Navigation Limited (PTN), Gold Medal
    PTN develops satellite communications, GPS and navigation services, future commercial visualisation equipment and integrated systems for large groups of users. The company’s multi-functional flashlight product, the PTN S5, is equipped with innovative satellite global tracking, SMS, power bank, jump-starter, Morse light communications and other outdoor tools.
  • Sucabot MedTech International Limited, Gold Medal
    Sucabot develops surgical planning and navigation technology. The company’s surgical robots are equipped with imaging and surgical planning software, optical tracking and a robotic arm. The technology is used for medical operations such as biopsy, drainage and implantations.




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