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HKSTP and BICI Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Collaborate on the Development of Innovation and Technology
31 Mar 2016
BICI to establish HK$100 million BICI Innovation Fund and robotics centre in Hong Kong; signatories agree to co-launch Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme and Hong Kong Technology Enterprise Enhancement Programme 
(Hong Kong, 31 March 2016) Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) with the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (“BICI”), one of Beijing’s leading advanced technology research and development centres. The signing of the MoU confirms both parties’ intent on establishing a long-term partnership that facilitates the development of innovation and technology, particularly in the areas of robotics and related technologies, in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
BICI will establish a branch in Hong Kong Science Park to develop innovative technology through working with Hong Kong’s universities, research institutions, technology companies and talent. Additionally, BICI will invest HK$100 million to establish BICI Innovation Fund in Hong Kong, to encourage youth in Hong Kong to pursue a career in the technology industry, as well as to attract high-potential start-ups in the region to operate in Hong Kong. The Fund expects around HK$40 million to be used in the first year of its inception to support investment and R&D projects in several areas, including new materials, robotics, and information, communications and technology.
In addition, BICI will establish a new robotics centre in Hong Kong Science Park, which will leverage HKSTP’s extensive network and robotics technology platform, to attract local and world-class universities, research institutions and start-ups, to come to Hong Kong and further the research of robotics for use and application, with the aim to help them commercialise products and tap into international markets.
 “We are glad to forge a strategic partnership with HKSTP. HKSTP has strong ties with technology companies as well as world-class talent in Hong Kong which will surely prove to be extremely valuable to the long-term development of the technology sector in China. Through the establishment of the robotics centre, the new fund and together with the launch of Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme as well as Hong Kong Technology Enterprise Enhancement Programme, we aim to strengthen the foundation of Hong Kong’s research and technology ecosystem and promote technology entrepreneurship to universities, research institutes, businesses and talent in Hong Kong. Also, by providing the necessary funds to organisations working in the high-tech industry, we intend to drive greater technological advancements for the ultimate benefit of Hong Kong, in terms of both technology and business developments. We believe, through this partnership, our expertise and resources will help accelerate the development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong and China, hence to further cement China’s position as a global technology powerhouse,” said Dr. Duoxiang Wang, Dean of BICI.
The two parties will also partner in two other initiatives to provide a multitude of R&D support measures for various target groups. The first programme, named “Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme”, will provide the youth in Hong Kong with no less than 100 internship openings in BICI’s extensive network of research facilities and partner organisations around the world in the next three years. This programme will enable local young talent to expose themselves to real working environments and gain valuable experiences for their career development, whether as a researcher or an entrepreneur, and contribute to Hong Kong’s technology industry in the future. 
Alongside the internship programme, the two parties will also launch the “Hong Kong Technology Enterprise Enhancement Programme” for Hong Kong technology companies to explore additional opportunities in Mainland China. In this programme, BICI will actively assist and encourage China’s corporations and municipalities to collaborate with Hong Kong technology companies to improve their operational efficiency. On the other hand, HKSTP will provide promotional support for all activities organised under the programme.
Allen Ma, CEO of HKSTP remarked: “Our partnership with BICI enables us to offer new and exciting opportunities for all those who are currently working or interested in pursuing their career in the Hong Kong technology industry. Through this collaboration, Hong Kong will get a chance to work with and learn from different organisations in Mainland China, and open up opportunities in the way forward.” HKSTP views robotics as a key development platform. At present, there are already numerous incubatees and Park companies engaged in the research of this area. “We welcome BICI’s new robotics centre as part of Science Park. My team has outlined the roadmap for the application of robotic developments. The four major areas for application will be in healthcare, education and entertainment, industrial processes and assisted living. We believe, as the modernised lifestyle becomes increasingly smart technology-driven, robotics will play a key role in the four areas we identified. To encourage more people to embark on this journey, we will soon be opening the Robotics Garage in Science Park. I look forward to seeing Hong Kong achieving great feats in the realm of robotics development,” added Ma. 
The MoU was signed by Allen Ma, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP and Dr. Duoxiang Wang, Dean of BICI. This partnership is one of many initiatives being undertaken by HKSTP to spearhead the growth of Hong Kong’s technology sector.  HKSTP will continue to explore additional avenues to provide support to local talent and organisations so as to fuel the city’s continued growth and success in the global technology scene.

(From left to right) Dr. Duoxiang Wang, Dean of BICI and Allen Ma, CEO of HKSTP signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

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