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Four Hong Kong Science Park Companies Pick Up CES Innovation Awards
Consumer Electronics Show 2019 will showcase some of the best of Hong Kong's innovations, signifying the strength of Hong Kong's Innovation and Technology (I&T) Sector
26 Nov 2018

Four Park companies received the CES Innovation Awards for next year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019: (from left) Kendall, CEO & Co-Founder of Kazoo Technology Limited, Dr. Shengbo Lu, Technical Manager of NAMI, Marcus Lui, Product Director of Atom Xquare Limited and Dr. Alfie Zhao, Chief Technology Officer, GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited.

Marcus Lui (middle), Product Director of Atom Xquare Limited said, “Our team constantly seeks innovative ideas and solutions that can make people live smarter and stay healthier. We are very excited that our Capsulier LITE received this award, a recognition of its overall appeal to consumers. There were various challenges during its product development but thanks to HKSTP support and guidance, finally we are able to bring the Capsulier product to the market.”


Kendall Lo (right), CEO & Co-Founder of Kazoo Technology Limited, said, “Our team is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the upcoming CES 2019 cohort organised by HKSTP, without which our technology would not have won the international recognition. Our innovation is pioneering a new way people view and interact with touchscreen-based smart devices; our patented EFM™ technology makes previously impractical consumer applications possible by a simple tap. Just imagine, for example, how much more convenient it would be if your smart device can easily pair up with your tablet by touching them together on the screen. We look forward to showcasing the advantages of our product and technology at next year's CES in front of a global audience.”

Dr. Shengbo Lu (middle), Technical Manager, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited, said, “NAMI is very excited to have our two technologies selected as Honoree winners for the CES 2019 Innovation Awards. NAMI's self-powered flexible printed circuit board, or FPCB, is produced by printing  a solid-state rechargeable lithium battery directly on the board itself, resulting in a self-powered all-in-one component for electronics. This is the first time such an approach is done for electronic components. The other awarded technology is NAMI's thin, light-weight printed pressure sensor with high flexibility and low cost which can be customised for various applications and products. This achievement reaffirms our continuous efforts in technological research to produce commercially viable solutions for the industry, and the result of the trust from our industry partners and support by HKSTP.”

“It is an honour that the Consumer Technology Association recognised our work in applying open source technologies to enhance personal cybersecurity for travellers,”, said Dr. Alfie Zhao, Chief Technology Officer, GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited. “We are proud to be named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards honoree, further validating GL's ability to deliver a smarter solution to secure today's wireless devices. We look forward to delivering even more solutions for IoT devices in the future, as cybersecurity gets increasingly more complicated over time. Many thanks to HKSTP for the continuous support over three years of incubation. CES 2019 is a huge stage for start-ups in Hong Kong.”


Hong Kong, 26 November 2018 – Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) announced that four Hong Kong Science Park companies received the CES Innovation Awards for next year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, to be held in January. CES 2019 is known as the world's largest consumer electronics show, held annually in Las Vegas, USA.

The four companies received the awards include three Park companies, namely Atom Xquare Limited, GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited and Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI); and a current HKSTP incubatee, Kazoo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited (please refer to the below list for details).

The 2019 CES Innovation Awards that accompanies the main CES show celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products in 28 award categories based on engineering qualities, aesthetic and design qualities, function and user value, its uniqueness as well as the positive impact to the quality of life.

Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP, said, “It is always gratifying to see our partner companies receiving recognition for their innovations at international events. We are particularly encouraged that there are four companies from Science Park receiving the Innovation Awards at CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world. The CES event is a showcase to the international community of what innovations from Hong Kong can produce from its shores. It is an affirmation of our R&D capabilities and ability to create products that are commercially viable. HKSTP is dedicated to helping our tech companies flourish and realise their innovative ideas via our enhanced value-added services.”

HKSTP also will bring 10 Science Park companies to next year's event, to present some of the best of Hong Kong's innovations at the Eureka Park – the global stage for start-ups at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.


List of Winning Hong Kong Science Park Companies

 Company  Products  Category  Overview
Atom Xquare Limited  Capsulier LITE capsule packaging machine Home Appliances Capsulier LITE is a simple-push capsule package gadget, helping a consumer craft his own blend of coffee into coffee capsules. These capsules are usually used in popular coffee machines.
GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited  Slate - Gigabit Router for Security-savvy Travelers Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy Slate is a gigabit wireless router for travellers, with strong built-in security for added protection when using public Wi-Fi networks.
Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI)  Self-powered Flexible PCB for IoT Electronics Wearable Technologies This is a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) with rechargeable lithium batteries directly printed on board. The FPCB is self-powered without the need for an external power source, and can be applied in IoT electronics, such as smart credit cards.
Printed Sensor and Array for Pressure Monitoring Fitness, Sports and Biotech This product is designed for flexible, wearable devices, and easily integrated with IoT applications. The sensors/arrays are screen printed, with a wide pressure sensitivity range of 2k-880KPa. They are customisable to different form factors for various applications such as pressure distribution mapping, gait analysis, and touch sensing.
Kazoo Technology (Hong Kong) Limited  Duplex Response Interface For Touchscreens (DRIFT™) Embedded Technologies Duplex Response Interface for Touchscreens (DRIFT™) is an embedded transceiver module that can digitally communicate with a capacitive touchscreen device. The module induces touch pulses and detects light signals from the touchscreen it is in contact with, to form a full duplex communications channel.




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