Sep 28
28 September 2017
Hong Kong Science Park
The Square, Science Park
Free of charge
Ms. Natalie Chiu
Tel: +852 2629 6944

Why is it branded a MakeIT Mashup?

Hong Kong Science Park and its tenants, partners and the innovation and technology community at large are at the heart of this new era of innovation. We want to tell our stories to the world – about how we make innovation happen and leverage innovation to drive changes for a better tomorrow. We are indeed the #MakeITHongKong community!

The mashup was a causal gathering cum happy hour.

A few of our tenant companies shared their stories - the trials and the breakthroughs. It was the occasion where every member of our park community came together to enjoy, had fun and learnt from each other.



mashup story 1



mashup 3


mashup 4


See what happened on the day!




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