'Green' technologies are the future, and as HKSTP continues grow this key industry, we’re helping to achieve a bigger goal.

To protect Nature and the environment, so we can build a better world for future generations.
To do this, we've launched several key measures:

  1. A Sustainability Policy – with regular reviews / reports which ensure the Policy is being upheld to the highest degree – ensures that we’re operating in a sustainable way
  2. A Sustainability Report – a fully accessible account of our efforts to ensure a green and sustainable future for our community, a report that is written according to local and international standards
  3. An Energy Policy – stringent guidelines that encourage the use of renewable energy and energy-saving technologies, which is made more effective via employee involvement and accountability
  4. 'Green Initiatives' – such as the use of solar energy, a Clean Air Charter and a Carbon Reduction Charter – have been implemented at our various sites. We also hold our vendors and partners to the highest levels of accountability, in order to encourage a greener Hong Kong
Sustainability Policy

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation aspires to advance innovation and technological development in the most sustainable manner. To this end, we are committed to:

  1. Achieving the highest standards of corporate governance
  2. Being recognised as a socially-responsible employer of choice
  3. Becoming a role model for safety and health in the workplace
  4. Embracing best practices in environmental stewardship
  5. Engaging our stakeholders and reporting on our sustainability progress
Sustainability Report
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation has published its first sustainability report in 2014. The report is intended to provide a balanced account of our economic, social and environmental activities under the theme of “A Journey of Transformation” and reflecting our commitment to supporting a green and sustainable future for our community. This report has been prepared in accordance with the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (core option) of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”), and the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Reporting Guide issued by the HongKong Exchanges & Clearing Limited (“HKEx”).
Click here to view the Sustainability Report & Sustainability Report Guidelines
Energy Policy

Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) maintains and implements a full set of energy management system, and we are committed to:

  1. recognising energy management at work as an integral part of its business performance;
  2. achieving a high level of energy management performance, in compliance with legal and other requirements as the minimum;
  3. providing adequate and appropriate resources and information to implement the policy, objectives and targets;
  4. making the management of energy one of the prime responsibilities of managers at all levels, >from the most senior executives down to the front line supervisory staff;
  5. ensuring the policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in HKSTP;
  6. consulting and involve employees so as to secure their commitment to the policy and its implementation;
  7. keeping the policy and the management system under periodic review and audit/review compliance with policy;
  8. ensuring that employees at all levels have received appropriate training and are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities;
  9. supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and design for energy performance improvement together with our suppliers and service providers; and continually improve the effectiveness of the energy management system.
Our Green Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives for Hong Kong Science Park

  1. Reduction
    1. To reduce traffic carbon emission, we shall:
      1. Encourage walking inside the Park
      2. Restrict bus running inside the Park
      3. Set up pedestrian priority zone at East Avenue
      4. Promote the use of caddies / bicycles inside the Park
      5. Promote the use of staircase instead of lifts
    2. To promote recycling in the Park, we shall:
      1. Hold annual computer recycling programme in the Park
      2. Place recycling bins for battery, glass bottle, fluorescent lamp, CDs and clothing in prominent places in the Park; and expand locations for recycling paper, aluminum, plastic but use aesthetic containers
      3. Recycle food waste generated from the Park’s food shops and restaurants
    3. To monitor and reduce resource consumptions, we shall:
      1. Establish baseline consumptions for energy, water and paper in HKSTP
      2. Reduce energy consumption
      3. Reduce paper consumption
      4. Reduce water consumption
    4. To optimise Landlord Provisions, we shall:
      1. Set common goals to provide tenants with optimum landlord provisions, such as ceiling tiles, lighting panels, raised floor system to reduce wastage
  2. Efficiency
    1. To create / promote a sustainable culture in the Park, we shall:
      1. Formulate and implement the Sustainability Policy and Management Systems
      2. Formulate distinguished theme / mission on sustainability
      3. Promote green programmes in the Park through the following mean
        • 25.5 oC working environment
        • Paperless office (e.g. electronic tendering)
        • Expand segregation of refuse
        • Recycle recyclable materials
        • Use natural ventilation
      4. Educate Park users on sustainability
      5. Extend the ‘Green Finger’ of Green 18 concept to other parts of the Park
    2. To sign the Sustainability Charter and conduct further co-operation in promoting sustainable development and environmental protection within the Park.
    3. To implement the Green Lease System in Phase 3  
    4. To introduce vertical / horizontal Greening, we shall:
      1. Link PTI to 15W / with 15W lobby / up escalator link to link-bridge / across to the podium
      2. Employ similar concept in other parts of the Park if possible
    5. To make use of the advantage of the Park’s geographical location, we shall consider using sea water intake as the cooling system of MVAC 
    6. To attain sustainability certification for HKSTP for continual improvement, we shall:
      1. Attain ISO14001 certificate
      2. Follow ISO14064 standard
      3. Follow ISO26000/ GRI  
    7. To consider sustainability issues during design, development and refurbishment stages of projects 
  3. Generation
    1. To extend the use of renewable energy:
      1. Solar energy
      2. Wind energy
      3. Biodiesel 
  4. Community
    1. To improve usage of the Park’s facilities by the community, we shall:
      1. Market the Park at community meetings / schools / universities
      2. Organise and promote community activities in the Park
      3. Promote and encourage the community to use the Park’s facilities, such as the Charles K. Kao Auditorium, meeting venues, car parks, food & beverage services, etc.
      4. Create synergy to attract people’s attention, such as Guggenheim titanium covered museum in Bilbao Spain
      5. Set up cross divisional task force to implement marketing and promotional programmes
      6. Organise fairs / flea markets / organic food markets in the Plaza or Amphitheatre
      7. Organise regular activities, such as Walkathon, Walk for Millions, Staircase Climbing, etc.
      8. Create community spaces for the Park users
      9. Allow pedestrian / cyclist penetration within and through the Park
      10. Positive use of Central Plaza / Lake / Lakeside