Employee Care
People make a company great.

And at HKSTP, our employees drive everything we do, so their success means our success. We want our employees to have rewarding careers no matter their areas of expertise, so that they can continue to help drive innovation and technology development in Hong Kong.

Regular training, open and honest feedback, and consistent opportunities for career advancement are keys to ensuring that our people are at the top of their game, at all times. We've also implemented a series of policies to help develop our people:
  • Our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy is a vital part of our strategy to develop our employees – a safe workplace increases productivity.
  • Professional development via mentorship, continued education and tailored training ensure employees continue to grow and excel in their roles. 
  • Work-life balance is especially important in Hong Kong, where every second counts. We regularly touch base with employees and manage their workloads to ensure that they have adequate down-time. Big ideas only come from well-rested and motivated staff, and we want them to think big.

Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) Policy
HKSTP is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace for all who work at or visit our premises. We promote a culture of individual responsibility for the prevention of injuries, ill health and pollution. To these ends, we will:
  • adopt a systematic approach to identify, manage and control SHE hazards and risks;
  • define clear SHE roles and accountabilities within HKSTP, and provide the associated supervision and training;
  • comply with applicable legislation, regulations, and related requirements in our SHE management system;
  • engage our partner companies, suppliers and contractors to work in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner; and
  • monitor and communicate our SHE performance, and innovate for continual improvement.

Career Development
For the past decade, HKSTP has been growing at an unbelievable speed, and we owe it all to our people. As they help us prosper, we also help them take their careers to the next level.

When opportunities come knocking, we encourage our staff to participate in local and overseas technical training programmes that will enhance their professional development, expand their horizons and most importantly, inspire them. 

At the heart of our efforts is clear, open communication. Whenever we have a chance, we show our staff the bigger picture and how their work is vital to our organisation’s overall development. Townhall Meetings are held to give updates on operations, key achievements and challenges. Employees are always encouraged to share their thoughts and ask questions.

Work-life Balance

All work and no play, does NOT equal big ideas.

Our employees are our greatest asset and we want them to excel. And to do that, they must be well rested, and motivated. Work-life balance is at the core of all we do. We work closely with our people on all levels of our organisation, and actively manage workloads and priorities.

Most importantly, we talk to our people, understand their needs and aspirations, and ask them for feedback so we too can continue to improve, so everyone wins. One of our key initiatives in this area is the "Sports and Recreation Club". An internal organisation made up of a team of passionate volunteers who dream up and put together regular, fun and healthy activities, including community events that help staff and their families de-stress and kick back, so those great ideas keep on flowing.

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