At HKSTP, we certainly have an attitude.

A ‘Green’ attitude.

Hong Kong is our home and the only way to ensure that our city continues to flourish and be an economic powerhouse, is to continue to dream up innovative ‘green’ technologies. 

‘Green’…’Sustainability’…we apply this thinking to everything we do, especially when it comes to the environment, Hong Kong’s economy, the wider community, and most importantly our operations and our people.

We always lead by example, by setting and holding ourselves to the highest standards in these areas.

And our goal is to inspire and bring about lasting and powerful changes. This is how we apply our ‘green’ thinking in key areas:


We’re part of Nature and all our actions have consequences. It is our duty to protect the environment, our home, to ensure a better future for the generations to come.

To achieve this goal, HKSTP continues to foster the development of ‘green’ technologies. On the home front, we adopt green building designs to reduce demand, enhance energy efficiency and generate renewable energy throughout the Park and InnoCentre. Green 18 and the Phase 3 development are award-winning and well-recognised sustainable building practices in town. Designs like optimised building orientation, ventilated courtyard, hybrid-ventilation-enabling features, green roofs, rainwater harvesting for irrigation, solartube and many more can be observed in our Green Trail exhibition at Phase 3.

To find out more, please visit our ‘Environment’ page.


While we’re focused on the disruptive tech and inventions that will change the world, we wouldn’t be where we are with you, our friends, supporters and fellow citizens.

So while we continue to transform Hong Kong in the regional hub for innovation and technology development, we work with the wider community to help inspire the next generation of scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

To ensure that the city’s best talent are inspired and have access to the opportunities to develop their scientific interests or entrepreneurial spirit, we offer our spaces, services and support to various categories of causes throughout the year:
  1. Technology conferences
  2. Business & investment matching events
  3. Internship opportunities
  4. Student programmes
  5. Community outreach

Employee Care

Our people are truly our most valuable asset.

Without their expertise, technological know-how, dedication, and big ideas, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are, and hope to be.

Our people give us so much, so we invest heavily in HR development programmes for all our employees so they can reach their full potential and continue to grow:

  1. SHE Policy – promotes a safe and healthy work environment
  2. Career Development – training opportunities and the necessary support mean that our people will grow, excel and perform to the best of their abilities
  3. Work-life Balance – we help our staff to strike the proper balance between work and leisure, so they can excel at their roles